‘If My Husband Cheat I’m Out’ | Tim Anderson’s Side Piece Lashes Out On Social Media To Suggest She’d Have Dignity If She Were In His Wife’s Shoes

Tim Anderson was off trying to be great in the World Baseball Classic when his side chick started up more unprovoked drama with his wife. Anderson secret has been out for more than a year now about him stepping outside of his marriage to have another baby with social media influencer Dejah Lanee.

Tim Anderson in the batter’s box during WBC exhibition game, Dejah Lanee posing for a picture while out at a lounge (Photo, Getty Images, screenshot from Lanee’s Instagram)

Bria Anderson posted a simple picture of her in a red outfit on Instagram with the caption “Mrs.Anderson has entered the chat.”

That prompted a response from Lanee that made fans rush to the defense of Bria.

Lanee replied, “Lmao & If my husband cheat I’m out. Simple math. Y’all been dragging this s*** too long.”

She then posted a message on her Instagram story.

“Now…..I wasn’t one to feel like I had to prove points. But y’all are dragging it. I’m not a home wrecker…. ain’t no home to wreck. Ppl really just be putting on for IG. I been quiet the last 8 month of y’all constantly trying to make me something I’m not,” Lanee wrote.

A parody account fan page commented under the now-deleted post and reiterated that Bria was the one and only Mrs.Anderson.

Another fan wrote, “Well, I doubt anyone will ever marry her so I guess we will never know.”

“Give it up, Deja. Mrs. Anderson is not leaving Mr. Anderson for you to have him. Go see a therapist. All this stress can’t be good for you,” read another comment.

Anderson followed it up with a cryptic tweet of his own.

“You gotta know how to move in this s*** … so nobody can play with you,” wrote Anderson on Twitter.

It wasn’t clear what he was talking about in the tweet, but fans assumed it was related to Lanee’s post because of the timeline. Also, Anderson previously has posted cryptic messages like this on his social media.

“Everybody ain’t gotta know everything. Nobody ain’t gotta know ****, really,” Anderson wrote on his Instagram story in February with a picture of his new baby boy.

This is nothing new for Lanee though, because she has constantly gone at Anderson and his wife unprovoked. Last July, she tweeted that the married couple was getting clout because of her.


Anderson’s wife has remained classy in this messy situation that her husband got her into. She also recently stated that she wasn’t leaving her husband and has welcomed the son he had with Lanee. She even made a blank post on her Instagram story with the words “Bonus Love.”

It seems like fans just want Lanee to move on with her life and accept her role in this love triangle like the everyone else has. Fans called her bitter and says she has no shame in making herself look foolish.

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