Chicago White Sox’s Tim Anderson’s Purported Side Piece Isn’t Feeling His MLB All-Star Red Carpet Life With His Wife

Chicago White Sox player Tim Anderson has had a summer of controversies, and with every passing month, his heat has turned up as unexpectedly as the nationwide heatwave. However, while he’s been looking like the dutiful husband on social media for the last two months, his purported pregnant side chick has been ensuring her inclusion in the narrative.

During the Major League Baseball All-Star weekend, Anderson and his wife were spotted gracing the red carpet along with the other top players and their families. What should have been a memorable celebration of a family transformed into a point of contention for Dejah Lanae, the woman claiming to be pregnant by a very married Anderson.

Lanae took to social media to shade the Anderson familial All-Star red carpet appearance and add to the public messiness now swirling Anderson’s wife.

IG Story

Lenae used her Instagram stories to throw shade on a video posted by Bria Anderson, Tim’s wife.

“But you know, anything for the image šŸ˜«” then she added, “Lol… Not too much tho…,” Lenae posted.

Anderson’s world was that of a picture-perfect father and husband, having married Bria Anderson in 2017. The marriage yielded two daughters, one in 2016 and a second in 2019.

However, Lanae decided to start posting receipts in June, perhaps not coincidentally to when she caught wind of Anderson and his wife photographed at a gala event in Chicago. The two looked happy and classy, and so began the now-familiar pattern.

Just hours after the couple posted a photo together at the gala, Lenae posted Anderson’s video on social media when the two were in a car. She added the caption “BabyFather.”

Additionally, the reported Chicago-area native has been documenting her pregnancy journey on social media by posting various pictures and videos. Then things took a virtual dark turn.

When Lanae posted the star baseball player to her IG Stories on June 13, she added the familiar caption “Baby Father” with a black heart emoji. In social-media-speak, that indicates a cold, emotionless feeling.

Ironically, Anderson has publicly professed how much his family means to him.

“I leave everything at the field and come home and be with my family,” Anderson said to “It keeps me in a happy place and gets my mind off of baseball when it’s going tough. It’s a beautiful feeling waking up every morning and seeing my daughter. She makes me become a better person. I keep her with me every moment and give her the love and the support and show her the world.”

The summer of drama began in May when Anderson felt the sting of racism in baseball when New York Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson called him “Jackie” during a game, a mocking reference to Anderson comparing himself to the color-barrier-breaking Jackie Robinson in a 2019 interview.

“‘What’s up, Jackie?’ I don’t play like that. I don’t really play at all,” Anderson said in a postgame media scrum. “I wasn’t really going to bother nobody today, but he made the comment and you know it was disrespectful, and I don’t think it was called for. It was unnecessary.”

Tim Anderson is having a summer of woes, but still playing at an All-Star level on the field and while his personal life shoulders his professional life, the headlines are going to be deeper than baseball.

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