Shannon Sharpe Thinks Being Married Is Key To Being Face Of NBA | JJ Redick Thinks Uncle Shay’s Podcast Life Is Confusing His Sports Takes

Pro Football Hall of Famer turned media personality Shannon Sharpe has been in the news quite a bit lately.

From his short-lived spat with comedian Mike Epps (which was resolved via a face-to-face sit-down) during NBA All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis, to his latest back-and-forth verbal jabbing with former Bad Boy rapper Mase who’s now one-half of the hit “It Is What It Is” podcast with fellow Dipset rapper Cam’ron. 

It’s safe to say Unc Shay Shay has had his fair share of tit-for-tat, and with ESPN extending his contract beyond football season and through the NBA Finals expect to see him stir up debates with controversial takes.

In fact, that’s what he did on Tuesday’s episode of “First Take,” when he insinuated that the face of the NBA needs to be in a stable relationship or, better yet, married. 

Sharpe’s Take Causes A Stir

During his take Sharpe asked:

“What about relationship status? Magic Johnson and Larry Bird was married. LeBron was in a relationship with Savannah. How do we look at it? Because when we look at presidential candidates, we look at candidates, we want them to be secure. We want them to be foundational pieces.” 

His take drew the ire of fans all over social media, and even caused a stir on the set from co-host Stephen A. Smith and NBA analyst J.J. Redick.

Smith, looking at Redick, reacted, “I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know what the hell you’re asking.” 

Show host and moderator Molly Qerim chimed in and did her best to help Shannon’s take prove to be valid. 

“I know what you’re saying, like the ‘First Lady of Basketball,’” she said. “They would say Steph Curry and Ayesha Curry, we know them. The example, the role models. I get what you’re saying.”

Of course, Molly would get it, as she’s all for the women empowerment movement, which isn’t a bad thing, but Shannon is way out in left field with this odd take. 

Redick Isn’t Sold On Marriage Being Important For Face Of the League

In his time as an NBA analyst for ESPN, Redick, the former Duke sharpshooter has never been afraid to speak his mind and he let his thoughts fly in response to Sharpe’s comments.

Redick a career 41.5 percent shooter from deep, who finished his career 20th all-time with 1950 career threes, has challenged everyone from the aforementioned Smith to Kendrick Perkins and many others.

Redick questioned whether Sharpe’s podcasts — where conversation at times goes off the rails — played a role in his take, because in his opinion one’s relationship status doesn’t play a role in being the face of the league. 

With LeBron James on his way out sooner than later, the next face of the league could be anyone.

There are plenty of young candidates who are currently accumulating accolades and acclaim that could propel them to “face of the league” status.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Even with billion-dollar hype machines behind them, “face of the league” is a title that has to be earned on the courts and in the hearts of the fans. And contrary to what Shannon Sharpe thinks, marriage is not one of the criteria. The past GOATS happened to be married, but times are changing and after all, none of these guys are running for president. Besides, we don’t require that of WNBA players, so why move the goal posts for NBA guys?

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