“We’re Looking For A Location” | Looks Like Larsa Pippen And Marcus Jordan Are Headed For The Altar

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan are getting married. According to reports, the ex-wife of NBA legend Scottie Pippen and the second eldest child of NBA GOAT Michael Jordan are planning their wedding and looking for a location.

The couple was seen leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood earlier this week and Marcus was asked if a wedding was in the future for the couple, and he responded “it’s in the works.”

When asked if a date has been set, Marcus said, “we’re looking for a location.”

Will Michael Jordan Be At His Son’s Wedding?

The news of pending nuptials has many fans wondering what dad Michael thinks, and whether or not he’ll attend the wedding.

Back in July, Michael was asked if he approves of Marcus’ relationship with Larsa and he emphatically said no. It is unclear if Michael’s feelings have changed in the past month or so.

Larsa was seen dancing in a video shared by jewelry entrepreneur Elizabeth Acosta on her Instagram Story, which included the message: “It’s in the works | MJ.” Larsa, Marcus, and Acosta were partying at a Drake concert in Inglewood earlier this week.

Given who Larsa was married to and who Marcus’ dad is, the gossiping and rumors that surround this couple are nonstop.

A stroll through Larsa’s Instagram account shows pictures of a recent vacation with Marcus and clips from their podcast “Separation Anxiety.” The comment section is filled with rampant speculation from Instagram users.

Now that they might be getting married … everything they do will be dissected and analyzed to the highest degree.

Whether or not Michael approves is irrelevant. Marcus is an adult, and if he and Larsa are in love and committed to a marriage then good for them. What matters is their willingness to work on having a strong and healthy relationship.

If there is a wedding, Scottie is unlikely to be on the guest list. As for Michael, who knows.

Larsa and Marcus have not officially announced their engagement or any wedding plans as of yet. But they aren’t exactly saying nothing either. It will be interesting to see if they address it on their podcast in the coming weeks and what, if any, details of the wedding they plan to make public.

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