Marcus Jordan Says A Wedding Ring Is “In The Works” For Larsa Pippen, But Do You Believe In Their Love Yet?

The romance between Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen is getting serious, but are they smart for telegraphing all of their moves for the world? Many have questioned the genuineness of their relationship in addition to the awkwardness that the former wife of Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan’s old teammate, is hooked up with his son.

The relationship looks even more serious as the two shop for a ring.

“It’s in the works,” Marcus Jordan said to People about his plans to make it official with Pippen.

“I feel like we’ve been looking at rings,” Larsa Pippen added during the interview. Marcus Jordan replied, “We’ve definitely been shopping. That’s for sure.”

“I’m excited,” Larsa continued. “I feel like Marcus has got great taste, and I feel like I know that he’s not going to disappoint us.”


Typically, those words would evoke pressure from anyone else, coming from the ex-wife of a legendary basketball player. However, Marcus, aside from being the son of the man many consider the GOAT of basketball, is also a successful entrepreneur who owns a lifestyle clothing and sneaker store and brand.

The two also host the “Separation Anxiety with Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan” podcast and market their love.

“I think it’s the best,” Jordan said about working with Pippen. “I’m working every day with my best friend, and I feel like separation anxiety is a real thing for us. So the more time we spend together, the better.”

“I feel like we really have fun together and we work well together, and we both motivate each other,” Pippen added. “And I feel like that’s really hard to do because I’ve never had that before. We are glued at the hip, and we’re just really enjoying ourselves, and I feel like people should just embrace love,” she continued. “If you’re in a good place, and you’re happy, people should embrace that and cheer for people that are in love.”

From Messy To Stuck

For many, the fact that Larsa reportedly dated Malik Beasley while her son, Scotty Jr., and Beasley both played for the Los Angeles Lakers at one time was messy. Pippen is also mom to daughter Sophia, 15, and sons Justin, 18, and Preston, 21.

As Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen decide to give the world a play-by-play of their love, is the public curious about the oversharing of a couple in love and business? The jury is still out, but the “Lar-cus” show continues.

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