Art Imitating Life? Larsa Pippen And Marcus Jordan Join Cast Of “The Traitors”

The whirlwind and controversial love affair between Larsa Pippen, the former wife of legendary Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen, and Marcus Jordan, the son of Michael Jordan, is going prime time. The two are currently in Scotland filming season 2 of a reality show ironically called “The Traitors.”

Pippen has been criticized by many for her involvement with the son of her former teammate. Aside from their 16-year age difference, Scottie Pippen has been vocal about his dislike of Michael Jordan, so his ex-wife being in love with his now enemy’s son could be perceived as traitorous.

What’s In A Show Title…

“The Traitors” is a show where contestants in the game move into a majestic castle and work as a team to complete a series of dramatic and challenging missions to earn money for the prize pot. The show’s premise is that some contestants are traitors, and some are loyal.

The show is a psychological reality competition series that challenges “contestants” to discover the secret traitors disguised among the cast to win a grand prize. Taping will continue for the next few weeks.

Last season, the show had a mix of ten reality stars and ten unknowns. However, this season features famous people, with Pippen and Jordan having an unfair advantage as a couple with a pre-established “alliance.” From the start, there will be a massive target on their backs in the game among the fellow contestants called “faithfuls.”

Love & Money

Ironically, a couple in Australia attempted to hide their romantic relationship while playing the game. However, they were eventually found out and voted off, which could be the fate of “Larcus.”

The couple has gone full-fledged into monetizing the interest around their love. They currently co-host a podcast called “Separation Anxiety,” making their relationship the primary topic of conversation. They describe the show as “brutally honest with you about life, love, sex, and 16-year age gaps!”

In the weekly podcast, Larsa and Marcus reveal their private thoughts about being under public scrutiny and explain life at home with them in South Florida. The two also shared their romance on “Real Housewives of Miami,” even as Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen rejected the relationship.

“Larsa” is the new “Kimye,” and they are taking it all the way to the media bank.

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