“Anybody That Isn’t Happy About It Can Piss Off” | Marcus Jordan Doesn’t Care What You Think About Him And Larsa Pippen

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan are not slowing down on their love explanation media appearances. The two recently sat down for an interview where the son of Michael Jordan let it be known how his famous father really feels about their hookup and also how he feels about their haters.

“F**k ’em. … That’s kind of my mentality is f**k ’em all, because I just feel like we complement each other in so many different ways,” Marcus said on the “Pablo Torre Finds Out” podcast. “Whenever she’s having a good day, I’m there to support her and vice versa. I feel like we’re living in our truth and anybody that isn’t happy about it can piss off.”

So, was that a shot at Larsa’s ex-husband and Marcus’ father’s ex-teammate, Scottie Pippen? The Chicago Bulls legend has been silent on the relationship, but the world has cast much judgment. With Larsa and Marcus having a 16-year age gap, and Scottie going scorched earth on Michael Jordan in his book, “Unguarded,” as well as in interviews, the world has been curious about what “His Airness” Michael Jordan thinks.

The Air Jordan Opinion

“The main thing from my dad was, ‘you’re a grown adult,'” Marcus Jordan continued. “Ultimately as long as I’m happy, he’s happy. He’s never intervened in my dating life prior to Larsa, and he’s not going to start now. … I think the more time that people spend around us they realize that it’s genuine.”

It departs from what Michael Jordan said to the paparazzi earlier this year. Back in July, the six-time NBA champion left a dinner in Paris,’ and when he was asked about his 32-year-old son and the 48-year-old ex of his former teammate, MJ laughed at first. However, when the photographer asked again, he said ‘no.’ Then, when the photographer asks if Marcus and Larsa would marry, MJ is seen shaking his head.

Larsa Pippen just wants the world to know that “it makes sense” although she is aware that the mention of their two names together “doesn’t resonate with the people.”

“Once we started hanging out more and more together, we just kind of like were attracted to each other and we are so much alike that its crazy,” Larsa chimed in on the podcast. “I know aesthetically it probably doesn’t look good and I feel like when people see us together and hang out with us they’re like, it makes sense but just to hear of it doesn’t resonate with people.”

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