Was Shedeur Promoting His Merch At Halftime Of Colorado’s Double OT Loss To Stanford? | Somebody’s Not Heeding Tom Brady’s Advice 

For the first 30 minutes of Friday night’s Colorado and Stanford game, the Buffaloes seemingly could do no wrong. In fact, it looked as if the game would end in a rout with Colorado leading 29-0 at halftime. But that’s why you play two halves, and in second stanza, as the Buffs struggled to find their rhythm, the Cardinal mounted an epic comeback, winning 46-43 in double overtime. 

The ending to the game stunned everyone in Boulder, and it was all you heard on pregame shows leading up to Saturday’s loaded slate. Well, there was another tidbit from that epic game that gained some real traction, and it involves star quarterback Shedeur Sanders. 

The strong-armed junior passed for 400 yards and five touchdowns in the tough double-overtime loss, but while it was his costly interception in the second overtime that sealed the Buffs fate, it was also what he did at halftime that’s drawn the ire of college football pundits, analysts and fans everywhere.


Did Sanders Promote Merch At Halftime?

During halftime, an ad for Sanders who has the highest NIL valuation of all CFB players at ($3.5 million) ran promoting his merchandise via his Instagram account, which has 1.7 million followers. The post cued viewers to click the link, saying …

“Shop Now.” 

The link was for a sweatshirt which happened to be priced at $100. 

While it’s unknown if Shedeur posted the link himself, the timing of it definitely comes at a time his team blew a 29-point lead in losing to a team they were favored to beat pretty handily. 

Tom Brady Recently Warned Shedeur 

Again, no one knows if Sanders himself actually posted the link and merchandise, but let’s just say he did. That’s exactly the type of stuff NFL legend and future Hall of Famer Tom Brady told him to eliminate and guard against. 

Last month during an episode of ESPN’s “Let’s Go” podcast with Tom Brady, Deion Sanders asked the legend if he thought a college kid needed a Phantom Rolls Royce. Brady’s response while seemingly joking, also had some real intent behind it.

“I think he needs to get his ass in the film room and spend as much time in there as possible. Less time in the car, and more time in the film room.”

Deion agreed with Brady, and again we don’t know if Shedeur posted his personal merchandising on Friday night. But, if he did, this is exactly what Brady was hinting at. 

More time in the lab and less time “Shedeuring” and being flashy. 

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