“Vigorously Fight The Allegations At Trial” | Alvin Kamara Beat Down Darnell Greene, Now The NFL Star’s Ducking Felony Battery Charges

New Orleans Saints star running back Alvin Kamara has an uphill fight on his hands, and it won’t take place on the gridiron, but in the court of law. Kamara and three associates, Chris Lammons, Percy Harris and Darrin Young, have all been indicted on “charges of conspiracy to commit battery and battery resulting in substantial bodily harm against alleged victim Darnell Greene,” as NFL.com wrote Thursday. Those charges stem from a Feb. 5, 2022, incident that reportedly left Green battered and bruised at a Las Vegas nightclub the day before the NFL Pro Bowl. 

Alvin Kamara and associates were indicted for assaulting Darnell Green after the 2022 Pro Bowl.
New Orleans Saints star Alvin Kamara and three associates, Chris Lammons, Percy Harris and Darrin Young, are indicted on charges battering Houston man Darnell Greene (above) during the week of the Pro Bowl in Las Vegas last February. (Photo: USL/Instagram)

Las Vegas police informed the NFL prior to the Pro Bowl, in which Kamara played, that he was a suspect. Assistant Sheriff John McGrath says Las Vegas Metropolitan Police allowed Kamara to play because they needed his cooperation in identifying other participants in the assault.

According to reports, Kamara allegedly put his hand on a man in the elevator, who shoved it off — and then a fight ensued. Kamara punched the man repeatedly, fracturing his orbital bone. The man was then knocked unconscious by Kamara and his friends, who allegedly proceeded to kick the man before they left. Video surveillance does show Kamara punching Greene several times and Kamara’s associates stomping the victim. Video also shows that Greene was speaking to a woman before this confrontation occurred.

Kamara attorney’s  released a statement on the matter saying this. 

“The State has avoided a contested preliminary hearing by indicting Mr. Kamara,” Kamara’s attorneys, Drew Findling, David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfield said in a statement obtained by NFL Media. “He intends to vigorously fight the allegations at triad as he was defending himself and others at the time of the incident.”

Alvin Kamara Is In Deep Trouble

Kamara may have been defending himself, but the tape could be damning. When you see four men pummeling another that leads to some serious questions. One being why did it take four of y’all to beat him down in such a malicious manner. No matter how you spin it, their actions didn’t look good on video.

Greene Looking For Punitive Damages As Well 

As a result of the beating he took, Greene has also filed a $10M lawsuit against Kamara, who’s paid handsomely from his NFL job. The suit states that Greene suffered some serious bodily harm to include, a broken orbital lobe, plus severe injuries to his shoulders, back, head, knees, face and neck.

The aforementioned Greene, who’s a Houston native, happens to be represented by the Buzbee Law Firm, who recently made their claim as the defense counsel for many of the sexual misconduct lawsuits levied against Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Kamara and his associates are in hot water, as they could face some serious jail time if found guilty. And for Kamara it could be a double whammy if Greene is awarded damages in the civil suit as well. 

Again, the tape is pretty damning evidence against Kamara and crew.

Alvin Kamara’s Incredible Career Is At Risk

Kamara, the former Tennessee Volunteers and Alabama Crimson Tide tailback signed a five-year, $75 million extension with $34.3 million in guaranteed money, plus $15 million at signing in September 2020. 

Heading into his seventh NFL season, all in New Orleans, the dual-threat talent is easily the most dynamic player on the Saints offense. Kamara has rushed for over 5,100 yards and 49 touchdowns. He’s also got 430 receptions for over 3,700 yards and another 22 touchdowns. 

As of 2021 Kamara said he hadn’t spent a dime of his big contract but instead lives off his endorsement money. If Greene has his way, Kamara’s hefty bag might get eight figures lighter. The possibility of jail time looms as well.

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