Lawyer Who Represented Deshaun Watson’s 24 Accusers To Represent Victim In Alvin Kamara Assault Civil Case

Lawyer Tony Buzbee is certainly making a name for himself. Buzbee, who represented the 24 women that accused Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson of sexual assault, is now representing the man that was an alleged victim of a physical attack by New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara according to reports.

“Darnell Greene, the victim viciously assaulted while attempting to enter an elevator at The Cromwell Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in February 2022, by New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara, Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Chris Lammons, and others, has retained attorney Tony Buzbee and The Buzbee Law Firm, of Houston, Texas, to assist in the investigation and to pursue legal claims,” Buzbee’s firm said in a statement.
“Currently, the authorities in Las Vegas are considering charges against Kamara and the others who took part in the brutal beating. The Buzbee Law Firm is actively collecting information regarding the assault, and has asked that all witnesses who have information to come forward. It has been reported that the assault was caught on security camera.”

During Pro Bowl weekend in Las Vegas Kamara allegedly put his hand on Greene in the elevator, who shoved it off — and then a fight ensued. Kamara allegedly punched Greene repeatedly, fracturing his orbital bone. Greene was then knocked unconscious by Kamara and his friends, who allegedly proceeded to kick the man before they left.

Kamara was arrested after the Pro Bowl and charged with felony battery resulting in substantial bodily harm. He was released on bond back in February and now faces a pending civil lawsuit.

“The attack on Mr. Greene was unprovoked and extremely violent,” Buzbee said. “We call on the appropriate authorities to exact swift punishment against all parties involved in the attack. We also encourage the NFL to take immediate action. As appropriate, we will make Mr. Greene available to the authorities and the NFL, to the extent they wish to speak with him.”

The NFL has yet to make a ruling, as the case is still pending. Barring a plea deal by Kamara, the criminal case will drag into 2023, leaving Kamara eligible to practice and play under the league’s code of conduct policy. Pro Football Talk is reporting that Kamara is preparing for a six-game suspension.

It looks like Kamara and his friends beat up Greene pretty severely. He allegedly suffered spine injuries and a “severe traumatic brain injury” according to Buzbee. He is, per the release, “still recuperating and is undergoing active medical treatment in Houston, Texas.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell has yet another opportunity to prove that the NFL cares about the well-being of other people and will severely punish players and members of the league who violate its code of conduct.

Kamara is dating WNBA free agent Te’a Cooper, former girlfriend of NBA free agent Dwight Howard. Cooper hasn’t made any mention of Kamara’s legal trouble on any of her social media accounts.

Kamara’s next scheduled court appearance on the matter is set for Sept. 29. The results of that proceeding will dictate the next steps.

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