Deshaun Watson’s Girlfriend Jilly Anais Walks SI Swimsuit Runway: Lonnie Phelps’ GF Could Be A Witness In DUI Crash That Caused $300K Worth Of Damage

NFL player Lonnie Phelps, a 23-year-old defensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns, was reportedly arrested in Florida on Wednesday evening, on suspicion of DUI. 

Phelps didn’t just crash his car; he allegedly mashed his vehicle into a Florida restaurant causing over $300K worth of damage. According to the Key West Police Department incident report, it all happened at around 8:47 p.m. outside of the Red Shoe Island Bistro in Key West.

Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShaun Watson can teach his former teammate, who was released by the Browns immediately after details of his crash was revealed, a thing or two about maximizing sticky situations.

Watson’s personal life really never skipped a beat even after more than two dozen women accused Watson of improper touching during massage appointments in civil lawsuits filed in Harris County, Texas, or criminal complaints with the Houston police.

In the midst of settling these accusations Watson’s reputation was being put through the ringer on social media. However, Cleveland brass saw this as an opprtunity to swoop in and secure their All-Pro QB of the future.

Watson signed what at the time was a record five-year/$230 million contract in 2022, fully guaranteed. The deal set a new standard for quarterbacks and was highly criticized because of what Watson was dealing with legally. 

Looking back, it was a mere stubbing of the toe as far as his personal life goes. On the field, he’s been solid, but not spectacular, accumulating 14 passing touchdowns and 11 interceptions with the Browns.

In two seasons with Cleveland, Watson has played in just 12 games. He served an 11-game suspension in his debut season with the club, and in 2023, he was knocked out after six contests due to a season-ending shoulder injury that would ultimately require surgery.

Watson Isn’t Doing Great On Field, But Winning In Life With Jilly Anais

The 28-year-old has had plenty of time to cultivate his personal life, spend his money and prepare for a crossroads season. 

Watson’s girlfriend, Jilly Anais, who has stood by his side, was in Miami just three weeks ago to walk the runway for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Earlier in May Anais attended the 2024 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Launch Party in New York City. Shortly after, she was walking the runway. Life comes at you fast.

The popular social media influencer announced the news on Instagram with a “get ready with me” video. 

She started the video by saying, “I’m so excited to announce that I will be walking in the Sports Illustrated 2024 Miami Swim Week Runway Show.” 

She then tried on  a handful of swimsuits for the camera and was overwhelmed by each piece.  

“Tag along with me to get fitted for @si_swimsuit Sports Illustrated Miami Swim Week Runway Show happening this Saturday,” Anais wrote on Instagram. 

How Did Phelps Crash Into A Restaurant In Key West?

Life comes at you fast. Phelps, 28, is learning this the hard way. He also doesn’t have the money Watson has to make huge mistakes in his NFL career and recover.

Phelps signed a three-year, $2.72 million contract with the Cleveland Browns, including a $25,000 signing bonus, $225,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $906,667 in 2023. His release means he just blew a bag. 

Phelps, a former college standout at Miami and Kansas, was reportedly not cooperating with the arresting officers. That’s understandable considering he crashed into a restaurant while intoxicated out of his mind.  

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson can teach former Browns player Lonnie Phelps a thing or two about making the most of sticky situations. (Photo: Getty Images)

“Phelps talked about how thirsty he was,” one officer wrote in the report, per TMZ Sports, adding: “how he did not know what I was going to do to him because females are the worst, asked me not to kill him, asked me how long it takes to bail out, how long I was the detective and informed me I was Russian.”

An arrest report says the NFL athlete was driving a black Hyundai SUV when he crashed inside of Red Shoe Island Bistro, leaving a hole in the wall, the arrest report states. 

Phelps and a 21-year-old female passenger, described as his girlfriend, had gotten out of the car by the time police arrived.

At least he has a woman who stands by her man’s side. 

Phelps Was Slurring Words and Verbally Attacking Officers

Police said Phelps was slurring his words, His eyes were droopy and bloodshot with a vibrant odor of alcohol coming from his breath. He continued to shout odd statements to the officers. 

Phelps was eventually arrested and taken to the Monroe County Detention Center on a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence and causing property damage.

During the ride to the police station, police said Phelps took his seatbelt off, asked how long it takes to bail out of jail, and “asked me not to kill him,” the report says.

The station refused to take the breathalyzer test, according to the report.

He is scheduled to appear in court on July 2. While Deshuan Watson is gearing up for what’s expected to be his breakout season with the Browns and his IG star girlfriend pursues the next phase of her career as a SI runway model, Phelps’ girlfriend could be a witness for the state in his DUI case.

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