Update: Alvin Kamara Was A Known Assault Suspect Before The Pro Bowl, Photos Of Victim Released

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara might be in some serious legal trouble over his alleged assault of a man last Sunday in Las Vegas during Pro Bowl weekend. Las Vegas police informed the NFL prior to the Pro Bowl, in which Kamara played, that he was a suspect. Assistant Sheriff John McGrath says Las Vegas Metropolitan Police allowed Kamara to play because they needed his cooperation in identifying other participants in the assault.

“We got in touch with NFL security about 10 o’clock in the morning and let them know that he (Kamara) was a suspect in the case and they located him and he was already on the field,” McGrath told the Current. “So they contacted him and he agreed to meet with us after the game. And so that’s just the way we did it since he was cooperating.”

The NFL confirms they were made aware of the situation and that police wanted to speak with him following the game.

“We were notified that law enforcement wanted to speak to him after the game regarding an incident. There was no arrest warrant at the time and he said he would speak to law enforcement which he did.”

Saints RB Alvin Kamara Arrested After Pro Bowl| Accused Of Mob Attack, Kamara Punched Man In Face 8 Times

Some questions arise. Did the NFL know what the police wanted to question Kamara for? You have to imagine they asked and were told. If so, was assault not serious enough to hold him out of the game? Or did the NFL decide they didn’t want to deal with the PR hit before the game and instead opted for it after?

The NFL’s biggest showcase and the largest viewed sporting event in America, the Super Bowl, happens this Sunday. Coincidence?

Kamara allegedly put his hand on a man in the elevator, who shoved it off — and then a fight ensued. Kamara punched the man repeatedly, fracturing his orbital bone. The man was then knocked unconscious by Kamara and his friends, who allegedly proceeded to kick the man before they left.

Video surveillance does show Kamara punching a man, Darnell Greene, several times and Kamara’s associates stomping the victim. Video also shows that Greene was speaking to a woman before this confrontation occurred.

NFL Star Alvin Kamara Sponsors Drive 4 Diversity Product Ryan Vargas In NASCAR Race

When Kamara was questioned by police he said he thought Greene was running away after doing something to his group, and admitted that he chased down Greene and punched him several times.

Kamara was originally supposed to appear in court this past Monday, but his hearing has been pushed back to March 8th.

The legal system needs to run its course and then Kamara will likely face league discipline. He could be facing an indefinite suspension. According to the league’s conduct policy:

Following review, the commissioner, either directly or through a member of his staff, will communicate his decision to the player regarding any disciplinary action to be taken. Depending on the nature of the violation and the player’s record, discipline may be a fine, a suspension for a fixed or an indefinite period of time, a combination of the two, or banishment from the league with an opportunity to reapply. 

The Saints have a new head coach in Dennis Allen and are looking for a new starting quarterback. Will they be looking for a new running back too?

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