“Use Me As A Resource, Bro”| Paul George Down With Mentoring “Little Brother” Brandon Miller After GOAT Take

Rookie Brandon Miller may have finally received his wish. After calling Paul George his personal GOAT, the No. 2 pick in June’s draft was a guest on PG-13’s podcast, where the eight-time All-Star and six-time All-NBA pick offered to mentor the rookie.

“Use me, use me as much as you want,” George told Miller. “Use me as a resource, bro. That’s what I’m here for. I want to help you in every step that you need if you need. … Make that journey a lot smoother and easier for you.”

Paul George The mentor

Last month before the draft while making his media rounds, Miller shocked many by saying George was his GOAT and not LeBron James or even Michael Jordan.

“I actually don’t think LeBron is the GOAT of basketball,” said Miller when asked an awkward question about MJ vs. LeBron. “My GOAT of basketball is Paul George.”

On the podcast, Miller explained to George how he became his GOAT.

“Indiana Pacers Paul George,” said Miller. “Especially when you dunked on Birdman (Chris Andersen). I think that’s a favorite highlight of yours for sure. I’m still waiting to get a contact dunk like that.”

There you have it. Those Indiana Pacers teams went toe to toe with the Miami Heat in the conference finals two years in a row. The LeBron James Miami Heat. It’s easy to see how Miller could be a PG fan and prefer his game.

Miller Would Be Lucky To Have A Career As Good As Paul George’s

“It’s exciting just him being in my presence,” Miller said to PG’s co-host. “It’s definitely a great moment, been lookin’ up to him for a long time. Now I’m up here with him, now I get to compete against him I think is an even better experience.”

If Miller ends up with a career as good as PG’s that would be incredible. We mentioned the numerous All-Star and All-NBA appearances, add in four-time All-Defensive selection, and a league leader in steals. Countless playoff appearances and three conference finals appearances. That’s a Hall of Fame career.

Miller has a long way to go and might never develop into the two-way force George is. But he has a benchmark, and the man that did it is willing to help him in any way he can. As a rookie in this league, you can’t ask for much more.

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