Brandon Miller Says Paul George Is His GOAT | LeBron James Is Officially Old

The projected top picks in Thursday’s NBA Draft are making the media rounds and saying provocative, comical and shocking things. Former Alabama forward Brandon Miller, who was named SEC Player of the Year, weighed in on who he thinks is the basketball GOAT. It wasn’t LeBron James or Michael Jordan. What’s up with the young man?

“I actually don’t think LeBron is the GOAT of basketball,” said Miller when asked an awkward question about MJ vs. LeBron. “My GOAT of basketball is Paul George.”

We Know Who The GOATS Are

Naturally that response made headlines, and Miller is being clowned on social media. He will likely be asked about it at some point Thursday night after he’s drafted.

He did say his GOAT, not the GOAT. A technicality, but a fair one.

MJ and LeBron along with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are the most accomplished players in the history of the sport — the only three men in my opinion who can lay claim to GOAT status.

Now we shouldn’t be comparing players across eras anyway because the game changes quicker than most fans realize.

As for Miller, this likely wasn’t some slight at LeBron. The former Crimson Tide baller is a 6’8″ wing, and likely sees more similarities in PG-13’s game and his own, than the über freak that LeBron is. PG-13, in Miller’s mind, is something more attainable.

Ballers are very interesting when it comes to evaluating fellow ballers. There is often reverence for elite tough shot making, causing them to ignore other weaknesses. Then there is the tendency to like players that play like themselves or that they’ve patterned their games after. You know, imitation and flattery.

Paul George Is A Good Comp For Miller

To be clear if Miller turns out to be as good as PG-13, that’s a Hall of Fame career.

It’s become commonplace on social media to clown George for the “Playoff P” moniker. But this dude is an elite hooper.

In 13 seasons he’s been an eight-time All-Star, six-time All-NBA, four-time All-Defensive Team, and led the league in steals. He’s done this all despite missing the entire 2014-15 season after he suffered a compound fracture of both bones in his lower right leg during Team USA training camp in the summer of 2014.

George has made the playoffs in 10 of his 13 seasons.

Now Miller will likely be selected in the top 3 on Thursday, so PG-13 level production will be expected.

At 6’8″ Miller has great size for a wing, and he projects to be an elite deep shooter. If he can develop into an elite ball handler, we’re talking an All-NBA level player. Regardless, if he’s just an elite shooter and competitor he will have a long career.

Of course, Miller was in the headlines off the court as well relating to the murder of an Alabama woman earlier this year, that saw former Crimson Tide Player Darius Miles charged with capital murder. Miller reportedly was asked by Miles to bring a gun left in Miller’s car to him, with that gun being used minutes later in the shooting of a young mother. It seems Miller, who’d been on the scene, won’t be facing any punishment as a result. But his decision making has come into question. Something whomever drafts him on Thursday likely has taken into account.

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