“He’s Just Not That Guy”: Paul George Has A $20M Mansion To Sell Off. He’s Not Worried About Skip Bayless’ Criticism Of His $212M Deal With Sixers

Paul George’s arrival in Philadelphia has reinvigorated the fan base after last year’s disappointing and injury-filled season.

In addition to expecting Joel Embiid, the 2023 NBA MVP, back and healthy, the team secured guard Tyrese Maxey with a five-year, $204 million contract. Then George, 34, inked a four-year, $212 million maximum contract with the Philadelphia 76ers after opting out of the last year of his contract with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Paul George Has Never Won A Championship

George has already amassed a fortune and played with some of the finest talent in NBA history. He’s played with James Harden, Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook and early in his career he carried some excellent Indiana Pacers teams. He even rebounded from a career-threatening leg injury and came back at the same level, if not better. 

His inability to stay on the court during his stint with the Clippers, having missed 40 percent of his games with the team before playing in 74 games this past season, did nothing to elevate the team’s chances for a championship. They went all in and put together a team of future Hall of Famers: George, Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook and James Harden. It was a disaster. 

Skip Bayless Is Not A PG Believer

Skip Bayless doesn’t share in the praise Philly brass is getting for giving George a huge bag. 

“I’ve never wavered in my assessment of Paul George,” Bayless said this week on “The Skip Bayless Show.” “He’s just not that guy. He’s not a superstar. He’s just a star and he’s a really good star. He’s a second star, a complementary star. He’s a 1A. And a very good 1-A.”

“He’s a wondrous talent,” Bayless intoned. “There are nights that I watch Paul George and I’m just in awe. Long, 6-foot-8, flows, great rhythm, silky smooth, can he stroke it from three. Shot a career-high 41 percent from three.”

“If you go back four or five years or six years ago, he was one of the best perimeter defenders in the league. A steals artist, a deflection wizard. Hard to get around. He’s 34 now, he’s played 14 NBA seasons. Still pretty good [defensively]. He ranked 52nd in Defensive Win Share, but he’s not shut down, lock down anymore,” Bayless continued.

“What he is is just PG,” the Fox Sports host explained. “As in ‘pretty good.’ He has no real killer will to him. Really good guy, nice guy.” 

Skip reflected back to George’s time on the Thunder playing with Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony and referenced Anthony chuckling in front of the media when Paul George called himself “Playoff P.” 

“That should have told you all you need to know about PG,” Bayless said. That’s pretty good. 

Well, Paul George’s pretty good is most people’s dream fantasy life. The biggest question in his life right now isn’t what he’ll bring to the Sixers. The numbers speak for themselves. 

Paul George Might Sell Off $20M Worth Of Real Estate

How much of his L.A. real estate portfolio is he going to sell off? 

George currently resides in Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles. He paid a hefty $16.1 million for his home in 2019, the year he joined the Clippers and signed a four-year, $190 million contract. The 10,000-square-foot residence has seven bedrooms and 10 baths.

Inside Paul George’s Pacific Palisades, California, home. (Realtor.com)

Previously, the California native purchased a mansion for $7,400,000 in 2016 and sold it to rapper French Montana in 2020 for $8,425,000. It was located in a gated and luxurious Hidden Hills enclave where celebrities such as Drake, the Kardashians, and Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford have been homeowners. Naturally being such a celebrity-laden community attracts other celebrities and plenty of stories. 

The African rapper came up on the sale, reportedly flipping it in 2023 for just under $20 million.

Paul George sold this Hidden Hills estate to French Montana in 2020.

The massive compound is 16,000 square feet, has seven beds and nine baths. It rests on  a plush 1.4 acres and is constantly being updated and overhauled.  

Amenities include a full-size basketball court, home theater, and wine cellar. The spacious living area is enhanced with live greenery.There’s also a pool and spa, fire pit, kitchenette, TV, and covered patios.

George’s love for expensive homes began after he became the 10th overall pick of the 2010 NBA draft by the Indiana Pacers and blossomed into a superstar in the league. 

He purchased a waterfront home in Indiana in 2013 for $2.05 million.

After being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2017, he sold the home for $1,500,000.

Paul George’s 12, 605-foot waterfront mansion in Indiana (Realtor.com)

The mansion was 12,605 square feet and sits on a half acre, with a private dock for boats coming in and out of the premises. It has five beds and 7.5 baths and included an elevator, indoor koi pond, and an aquarium, which was featured on the show “Tanked.” Gyms, sauna, hot tubs, the works. 

George owns other properties as well, so his real estate portfolio is pretty serious. He will now be looking for a mansion in Philly, as the 34-year-old will probably end his career in the City of Brotherly Love trying to get that elusive ring as part of another “Big Three.” 

The money won’t be the motivation.

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