‘That Was In Your Bag?’: The Steph Curry Connection Might Make Cameron Brink More Popular Than Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark gets the attention, but the No. 2 overall pick in the WNBA draft Cameron Brink has been quietly establishing herself on and off the court.

In Week 1, Cameron already joined Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker as the only Sparks rookies to tally five blocks in a game. She’s averaging seven points, five rebounds and 3.5 blocks for a L.A. Sparks team that looks way better than advertised with the addition of Brink and fellow rookie Rickea Jackson.

Brink Talks Adjusting To WNBA, Growing Up Curry On Podcast P

Brink, the first women’s basketball player to sign a deal with New Balance, recently appeared on “Podcast P with Paul George” and explained how the WNBA game is a welcomed change because it allows her space to bring out elements of her game that were not revealed in college.

(See the 46:55 mark of the YouTube video below):

She’s also still adjusting to the speed and talent at the next level.

“Everything else is harder — the physicality, the speed … the way your confidence just goes up and down like this. But, the spacing — let me tell you, the spacing is amazing,” Brink said.

“When I was at Stanford, I would get tripled like this. There was no spacing … the defensive three … it’s not clogged at all. There’s just so much space to work. Yesterday, I did like a push-cross, and everyone was like, ‘That was in your bag?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, because I have space to work, and I’m actually allowed to play on the perimeter.’

Cameron Brink Is Already A Celebrity

While Brink works to increase her production and comfortability at this level, she is already considered a huge celebrity, with a great fashion sense and 1 million IG followers as of May 21.

Brink was the No. 2 overall pick, while Jackson went two picks later. Last week, both players made their debuts.

On Monday, Brink and Jackson got another view of their new Los Angeles digs as they were invited to throw out the first pitch prior to the L.A. Dodgers’ 6-4 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium. It was an introduction to a legion of new fans for the WNBA’s latest crop of college stars.

“For them to even want to bring us out, this means a lot,” Jackson said. “The support we’ve gotten from L.A., we’re just grateful to be here.”

Sonya Curry Was In Attendance At WNBA Draft For Goddaughter Brink

This 2024 WNBA draft had a heightened sense of excitement and more media appeal, and that’s of course, because of the women’s basketball wave that has taken over sports since the first Angel Reese-Caitlin Clark faceoff. 

Brink says no one prepared her for how exhausting the draft day was. PG, who was also a highly touted player, understood and enjoyed the same hectic experience as Brink referred too when he was the 10th overall pick of the Indiana Pacers in the 2010 NBA draft.

Among the celebrities of the basketball world in attendance was Sonya Curry, mother of Golden State Warriors legend Stephen Curry, who was sitting among the supporters for Brink, who starred at Stanford. 

It just so happens that the 6-foot-4 Brink is Curry’s goddaughter. 

The Curry genes have definitely rubbed off on Brink in some way because she was a dominant baller in college. Her game is based on her height, width and defensive prowess, however, which is quite different than what the Curry family is famous for. 

During her time at Stanford, Brink won Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year three times. She also won a national championship and was named the Naismith Defensive Player of the Year. 

Sonya and Brink deeply embraced prior to the Stanford legend walking onto the podium, hugging WNBA commissioner Cathy Englebert and holding her L.A. Sparks jersey. 

Clearly Steph’s mom has been a huge influence in Brink’s life, because she gave the basketball mom a shoutout during her interview with ESPN’s Holly Rowe. 

Steph Curry Provides Guidance and Encouragement To Brink

Steph Curry as well. Brink says she shared a FaceTime with the four-time NBA champion prior to the draft, and she told “Podcast P” that Steph finds time to help her navigate her newfound fame and the pros, despite his hectic schedule as a legendary baller, married father and business mogul.

“We’re both so busy,” Brink said. “But he always takes the time to just set it straight. He’s taught me to just bring the joy to everything. Life’s just a joy when you’re around him. It’s a job, but it’s also a privilege to do this for living.”


Steph Curry Helped Cameron Brink Improve Her Shooting

In addition to the words of wisdom her godmother Sonya and lifelong friend Steph Curry imparts, Brink, known as a defensive force, has a sweet stroke from the perimeter and says Curry played a part in the development of her all-around game. In 2021, the year Brink won the national championship, Curry gave some insight into his relationship with Brink. 

“She was trying to develop her jumper and I spent a little bit of time with her, gave her some pointers,” Curry told USA Today reporters. “My dad did as well. But just in terms of your development, you put the work and the time in, every year, you’re going to get better. She’s taken advantage of that.

“To see her in college, I know she’s gonna keep getting better, honestly. I don’t really have to tell her much now. She’s kind of off and running, so it’s been awesome to watch.”

NIL Deals 

Brinks has also benefited from the NIL explosion in college sports. Before the season started, she became the first women’s basketball player to sign with New Balance.

“Cameron’s exceptional skill on the court and her desire to give back align perfectly with New Balance’s desire to change the game for the better,” the Boston-based athletic company said in a statement.

According to NIL website On3, as a college player Brink had deals with Icy Hot, Chegg, Daps collectibles, and Stanley cups.

Why Are Sonya And Dell Curry Cameron Brink’s Godparents? 

Dell and Sonya Curry are both Brinks’ godparents. The relationship dates back to college, before Steph and Seth were born and starting to forge their paths to the NBA, following in Dad’s sharp-shooting shoes. 

Dell and Brink’s father, Greg, both played at Virginia Tech. Sonya and Brink’s mom, Michelle, were roommates at the school.

Brink recalls being young and attending Davidson games. Curry has known young Cameron his entire life and attended several of Brink’s games throughout her life. 

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