Tyreek Hill Gets Broken-Ankles Cooked At His Camp By His Camper Who Might Have Sent Him Into Early Retirement | Still Think He Could Beat Usain Bolt In A Race?

Tyreek Hill is called The Cheetah for his lightning-fast speed on the hallowed fields of arenas around the nation as a professional football wide receiver. Over the weekend, his reputation took a light hit as a young aspiring football player tested himself against Cheetah and won.

Hill held his Tyreek Hill Football and Speed Camp in Miami on Saturday for youth of all age ranges who participated in drills and competitive challenges. Eventually, the day became one-on-one matchups against Hill in the cornerback position. During one of the matchups, a camp attendee took Hill on and executed the perfect double move that broke Hill’s ankles, to the joyous surprise of the camp collective.


The ball was snapped, and so did the young man’s feet as he made his best Tyreek Hill impression, digging in his heels in pursuit of a deep route with Hill covering him closely until the kid stopped and pivoted, throwing off Hill, who couldn’t relatively stabilize his equilibrium as he fell for the bait of a telegraphed turn-and-catch that evolved into Hill being frozen in his tracks, ankles playfully broken, effectively cooked.

The camper sprinted downfield, leaving Hill in his rearview and forever bragging rights in his immediate future as he caught the now easy and undefended pass, running it into the end zone. Hill is a seven-time Pro Bowl player and also a legit track athlete, so catching him slipping is a massive feat for any competitor at any age.

How Did Tyreek Hill Get Burnt By His Camper?

Hill is used to doing all the cooking in a foot race, whether on the field or on the track. In March, the Miami Dolphins pass-catcher appeared at a USA Track and Field event in Louisville and randomly won in the 60-meter dash in the USATF Masters Indoor Championships. Hill defeated four competitors by running 6.70 seconds to surpass runner-up Dainen Brass by a little over half a second. Hill represented his track roots by wearing a speed suit from his alma mater, Coffee High School, where he was a star at track and field. Perhaps he should have worn it at the camp where the young athlete bested him.

Leave Usain Alone, Bro

The March race was the first time he had competed in a track event since 2014, when he was a student-athlete at Oklahoma State, and Hill did not disappoint, leaving his competition in the dust. The irony of Hill losing an on-field foot race to the ball against one of his campers is that he once boasted that he could defeat Usain Bolt in a race.

When Hill was still part of the Kansas City Chiefs, Hill and Usain Bolt had a back-and-forth about who would beat whom in a race.

“Usain Bolt got out of the game for a reason, right?” Hill said during an interview in 2021. “He’s old, he’s washed up, and he can’t see me in 40 yards. One-hundred-yard dash, yes, that’s what he do, but 40-yard dash, if y’all recording this, Usain Bolt cannot see me.”

One thing is for sure, there is someone who saw Tyreek Hill and gave him the unexpected juke move that sent him sliding away from the play — a kid.

Take that, Cheetah.

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