Tristan Thompson Thinks The East Still Runs Through Cleveland

LeBron James left Cleveland for the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency, leaving the NBA’s Eastern Conference wide open for teams that were just pretenders in the past. 

As a result of the four-time MVP and 14-time All-Star’s departure, expectations for the Cavaliers are dramatically lower in 2018-19, with OddsShark listing the squad as 80-1 to win the Eastern Conference. The talent-laden Boston Celtics are considered the favorites after coming within one game of the NBA Finals last year. The Raptors, who swapped Kawhi Leonard for DeMar DeRozan,  and Ben and Jo Jo’s Philadelphia 76ers are right behind them.

They say that the Kardashian Family can make people believe anything and since Tristan Thompson joined Khloe and the clan, hes been a confident, confrontational and often delusional being. His on and off court beef with Draymond Green are legendary and comical. 

SportsCenter on Twitter

He tried to shake my hand, I said ‘Tristan, we ain’t cut the same.” -Draymond on not shaking hands with Tristan Thompson after Game 4.

That delusion of grandeur spilled out into a preseason press conference on Thursday when Thompson reminded everyone of the success Cleveland had the past four years and mightily proclaimed that the East still runs through the Quicken Loans Arena. 

Ben Axelrod on Twitter

Tristan Thompson: “We’re still 4-time Eastern Conference champions, so until you take us down from that, teams ain’t got much to say. Boston, Philly, they ain’t got much to say. Boston had homecourt Game 7 and lost. Philly, you guys almost got swept. Toronto – we know that story”

No need for any of the Celtics superstars to reply to Thompson, Marcus Smart, a player more on Thompsons level, shot back on Twitter. Send in the small guys for the small talk. 

Marcus Morris on Twitter

@RealTristan13 Cut it out. Get that vacation ready early this year fam! Ain’t shit going through the Cavs this year! #facts

Ben Simmons felt it warranted at least an acknowledgment and Tristan kept the facade going on social media.  

Drew Corrigan on Twitter


I don’t blame Thompson for trying to create some excitement and express a belief that his LeBron James-less team will be anything but a doormat in the East. You want to give the fans a reason to come to the arena. This situation is looking eerily similar to the last time King James left his hometown. Cleveland turned into a wasteland of basketball futility and returned to its place as a city tourists are least likely to visit. 

Expect the same to happen again, but at least Thompson isnt afraid to be the fall guy and assert himself as an early leader of the team. Problem is, the NBA is real life and not a reality show.

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