Tom Brady Was Also The GOAT For The Culture | With Rumors Of Retirement, Time To Reflect On Brady’s Impact

According to reports, Tom Brady, aka the NFL GOAT, has decided to retire. However, that was quickly challenged by conflicting reports, which is thought to be due to Brady’s wish to control the narrative.

However, if he does, the game will be losing a culture GOAT.

After 22 seasons and seven Super Bowls, six with the New England Patriots and one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady is one of the most successful QBs in history.

He won five Super Bowl MVPs and three NFL MVP trophies. He went to 15 Pro Bowls and was an All-Pro in each of his MVP seasons. Now, after a loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the divisional round of the playoffs, Brady is finally going fishing permanently.

Going Fishing

Before he left, in true Brady fashion, the quarterback led his team back from a 27-3 deficit even though they lost 30-27 on a field goal by the Rams as time expired.

Brady leaving the game will be a massive loss for football. He has had an indelible impact on the culture, and for the pop culture branding the league has placed on Brady, he has definitely has been part of the culture.

While Antonio Brown was in the veritable doghouse from the public at large and the NFL for his many questionable incidents and decision-making, Brady advocated for him to come to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Friends In High Places

Brady’s relationship with Floyd Mayweather is legendary, where the two talk before games and Mayweather’s fights to inspire each other.

From playing catch with Kanye West’s son to his name being dropped in lyrics by Drake, Kanye, Future, Rick Ross, and Eminem, Brady is litty.

Brady has literally been a symbol for excellence in the uber-competitive rap game. Much like Donald Trump, minus the nefariousness, Brady embodied excellence in a music business where success and competition are the only currencies that matter.

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In The Dogghouse

In addition, Brady calls a hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg his friend. The West Coast legend is a football fan and one of the biggest Pittsburgh Steelers fans ever. Needless to say, Snoop Dogg and Tom Brady have hung out a lot.

“That’s always really cool,” Brady said to the Boston Globe back in 2019. “I’m a big fan of so many of those guys. I have a lot of friends [in music] that I’ve met over the years that are fans of what we do, too.

“I just appreciate people that love what they do, and musicians are certainly the same way. They live, dream, think about music all day long. It’s in their head, and for so many ways, that’s me too. I think about football and plays and schemes all day long.

“I think that mutual appreciation or admiration is really flattering.”

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Bad Boy For Life

Although the culture wasn’t rocking with Brady’s Ugg sponsorship or Deflate-gate, the Bad Boys For Life mantra adopted by Brady and Gronk was all nostalgia.

Tom Brady will be missed for more reasons than just his penchant to be a winner. He has shown class, inclusiveness, a team-first attitude, and more; Tom Brady will almost certainly also be a GOAT of the culture.

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