“Tom Brady Is A Horrible Role Model” | Skip Bayless Believes White Privilege Is Why Brady Gets Away With Tantrums

Sports analyst and provocateur Skip Bayless is known for his controversial hot takes. During a recent episode of “The Skip Bayless Show,” the contentious analyst gave his opinion on the Buccaneers quarterback, and he held nothing back

“Tom Brady is a horrible role model,” Bayless said. “This just works for him. I can’t defend it, but I certainly can’t condemn it. I didn’t start noticing psycho-Tom’s behavior until after Brady had won three Super Bowls, three in New England, because, for the first three, he was pretty much on his best behavior.

“Certainly during games, and he would differ because they had so many veteran leaders, as you call it. It’s Mike Vrabel, Rodney Harrison, Ty Law. It’s Willie McGinest. It’s Vince Wilfork. They were all elder statesmen.”

Brady has been known for his sideline antics when the game isn’t going his way. Leading into the Week 2 game at New Orleans, Brady was in the rare position of being winless in his Bucs matchups against the Saints. He also had one of his worst performances against the NFC South rival, causing him to show his frustrations on the sidelines during the game.

When the Bucs began the second half with an unsuccessful drive and punt, Brady roared at his teammates en route to the bench, where he continued to rage. Brady tossed his helmet and threw a tablet, acting more like a petulant child than a quarterback held in the highest esteem. Moreover, according to Bayless, his actions would be reprehensible and receive immediate reprimand if it were anyone else except Tom Brady.

Bayless kept it real during an episode of his show, suggesting that white privilege is why Brady gets away with almost anything.

“Shannon Sharpe began by saying that Tom Brady gets away with throwing helmets and throwing tablets on the sideline and screaming at teammates, coaches, opponents. All because all that is viewed as quote unquote being a competitor,” Bayless said.

“If star Black quarterbacks started throwing helmets or tablets or screaming at teammates, or coaches, or at opponents, they would be vilified and ultimately condemned by many in the media. Most likely white members of the media, if not white members on Twitter. As examples, Shannon pointed out what if Lamar Jackson, what if Cam Newton would have these level of (outbursts); if Black star quarterbacks behaved the way Tom Brady gets away with behaving, and he had a point, but only to a point.”

Skip will only give his sports debate partner Shannon Sharpe so much credit. However, Bayless pointed out that Brady is given preferential treatment under the hot lights. The NFL wants to protect the bag, and Brady tossing a sponsored product is fumbling the bag.

Before Week 3, the NFL reportedly sent a memo to all 32 teams about damaging tablets. After Brady destroyed the tablet during his Week 2 tantrums, he eventually apologized for breaking one tablet in a video he posted to Twitter.

Brady’s privilege principle might be wearing thin on the NFL, whether it’s his home life drama with disgruntled wife Gisele or in-game frustrations.

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