“Draymond Green Is The All-Time Cheap Shot Artist” | Fox Sports Analyst Skip Bayless Not A Fan Of Warriors Star Having “Inside the NBA” TNT Platform

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green is the type of player you either you love or hate. Green’s overly aggressive play at times has led to him being fined, ejected and suspended more than any player in this era. With the Warriors not making the playoffs and bowing out in the play-in tournament, Green has turned his attention to television. 

For the past few seasons, Green has moonlighted on “Inside The NBA” on TNT as an analyst where he joins Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal during the postseason. Green, who’s also got a hit podcast, isn’t just controversial on the court, he’s also pretty outspoken and controversial on his podcast. While he’s toned that side of himself down a lot during his appearances on TNT, not everyone is excited to see him on the set. 

Skip Bayless And Green Rehash Beef 

It’s no secret that Green and Bayless will never be friends, and most of it stems from Bayless constantly taking shots at Green. Bayless’ constant disrespect toward Green’s good friend and business partner LeBron James also doesn’t help matters in this situation. In fact, Green recently called Bayless “the biggest hater.”

During a recent episode of his podcast “The Skip Bayless Show” on YouTube, Bayless once again gaslighted about the beef between him and Green with some comments he made about the four-time NBA champion and former NBA DPOY.

“In my career I have never seen anything like this phenomenon,” Skip ranted. “Draymond Green is, no exaggeration, the dirtiest player in NBA history by far. … I dare you right here, right now — well, please stay with me for a few more minutes — but I dare you to go on YouTube, call up and watch those lowlight tapes of the cavalcade of Draymond Green’s dirtiest plays over the years. … Draymond is the all-time cheap shot artist. Yet, everybody loves Draymond.”

Sounds like Bayless is attempting to get others to hate on Green, which is something he doesn’t need to do. Green definitely has his share of haters, and he likely adds to that list each and every season with his in-your-face style of play that at times goes over the edge. 

Ryan Russillo Agrees With Bayless

Green, who’s still fairly new and a bit rough around the edges as it pertains to broadcasting, was called out by former ESPN analyst and radio host Ryan Russillo who questioned Green being on the “Inside The NBA” broadcast. Russillo believes Green doesn’t fit with the crew, and he expressed his displeasure about that during a recent appearance on the “Bill Simmons Podcast.” 

“I can’t believe they’re putting Draymond on the broadcast during this time. He f—s it up,” Russillo said. “He doesn’t understand the difference between being funny and critical and just being f—ing mean.”

It’s funny hearing Russillo call out Green when he’s also one who’s been known to do that. In many ways it sounds as if Bayless and Russillo are jealous of Green and how he’s taken his game from the court to the podcast and sports television world. And while he’s got some kinks to work out, but he’s actually pretty good at something he doesn’t do full time. 

Imagine if he really honed in on the craft, he’d be one of the better former players on the mic. 

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