“It Took My Mom Four Years … To Make $100,000”: Draymond Green Says NBA Fines Are Designed To Impoverish The Rich

Draymond Green has been known to say some outlandish things, and now that he has a podcast mic and is one of the most coveted voices by NBA media sources, he’s taking the term shock jock to a whole new level. 

Draymond Green Has Made Almost $200M In NBA

Despite having made $178 million in salary as a member of the Golden State Warriors to date (but if you include the amount still owed to him on his current contract, that figure jumps to around $255 million) Green has a beef with the way the NBA dispenses its fines and implies that it could send him into poverty. 

Green is apparently unsatisfied with the financial opportunities afforded by the NBA, because in his opinion, the league recoups too much of the wealth dispensed.

On an appearance on “The Big Podcast” with fellow NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, Green went in on this financial aspect of NBA life.

“The fines to me don’t make sense,” Green said. “When you talk about, as hard as we work to accumulate wealth, coming from situations that most people never make it out of, and then you get fined the way that we get fined? It’s actually not set up for us to be wealthy after we’re done playing.”

Draymond Green Says NBA Fines Make Acquiring Wealth Difficult

“This job is not set up, the way we’re taxed. The way we’re fined. You know, you hear about all of these programs, like this program this, this program, that s*** is to cover everybody else. This program is to teach this guy this. But if I do something wrong, I lose $100,000. Man, it took my mom four years when I was growing up to make $100,000. And I lose that in a night because, what? The referee got mad at me, and he didn’t like what I said to him, so I lose $5,000 like that, on a tech?”

Draymond’s nonsensical response is one of the reasons why he is both popular and hated. 

It’s unprecedented that NBA players get to so openly criticize the league. Green, however, making crazy comments is common. 

How a guy who makes more money in a year than 99 percent of the people on planet Earth doesn’t understand how his own self-inflicted lack of self control has led to his fines is beyond me.

Delusional Green Is His Own Worst Enemy

Green is known as one of the most antagonistic and physical players in the league. According to Spotrac, his endless lists of technical fouls, rants and referee disrespect have cost him roughly $900,000 in his NBA career, and suspensions have cost him around $3.2 million.

The habitual line stepper has no one to blame for himself.

Knowing how harshly taxed athletes are and being involved with savvy businessmen like LeBron James and Rich Paul as a client  of Klutch Sports, the four-time NBA champion has no one to blame but himself. 

Greene has a lot of opinions and smoke for people, but accountability has never been one of his strong suits.

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