Draymond Green Is A Habitual Line Stepper

The idea of the basketball goon has been transformed significantly over the years.  Legendary bruisers like Charles Oakley, Truck Johnson, Anthony Mason and even Dennis Rodman were charged with doing the dirty work to help their teams win. 

Back then, the dirty work consisted of grabbing rebounds, playing physical defense and intimidating opponents with the very real possibility of getting popped in the mouth with an “errant” elbow or a purposeful fist.  

The role of the goon has been changed significantly with the wide-open offenses and “hands off” defensive style of the contemporary game. But Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green must not have gotten the memo. 

In addition to the rugged, All-NBA defense he plays, and his nose for the ball off the glass, he’s been known to put himself at the forefront of any confrontation involving his teammates and oftentimes is the catalyst. 

Troublemaker? Well, I wouldn’t quite call him that. However, at times, his fiery disposition and competitive determination cascade over into downright disrespect.

The “goon” was often expected to be physical and intimidating, but rule changes greatly lessen the likelihood of someone like Draymond punching anybody in the face, or vice versa. What was physical and outward in bygone eras is much more hidden and subjective for the viewer to interpret in the modern era. 

It’s that latter-day reality that provides Green with a great deal of cover. However, goonery isn’t simply physical. It’s also psychological. Baiting opponents, talking smack and giving incendiary quotes during post-game pressers is also in that category.

When does competitive gamesmanship descend into downright disrespect? When you start kicking people in the nuts.  To that end, here are five of Draymond Green’s all-time most disrespectful moments.

Draymond bruises LeBron’s eye with a hard foul

This video shows Green laying a hard foul on LeBron James as he drove to the basket during the 2018 NBA Finals. Any observer can see Draymond’s left hand going straight for LBJ’s face. 

Draymond Green slaps LeBron in the Face (Technical Foul)/ 2018 NBA Finals

Dirty Draymond

Draymond disses Tristan Thompson following Game 4 of the 2018 NBA Finals

It’s one thing to get elbowed in the face during the course of the game, but it’s another to be completely emasculated by the winning team as confetti falls from the ceiling in your home arena. Ouch! 

Then, he doubled down on that disrespect during the Warriors’ celebration festivities. Yes, the two big men got into a heated scuffle during the series, but all that animus is supposed go out the window once you win, right? Right? Hello?


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Draymond Green Disses Cavaliers Tristan Thompson After Sweep In Finals & Calls Out Soft NBA Players!

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Draymond loves kicking Steven Adams in the nuts

Perhaps since before recorded history, kicking a man in his kibbles and bits has been frowned upon as being dastardly and underhanded. However, when you’re a goon, societal decorum goes out the window.  Here are two times Green kicked Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams in the twig and berries during the 2016 Western Conference Finals. 

Draymond Green Kicks Steven Adams In His Balls AGAIN

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Draymond kicks James Harden in the head

You ever notice how Draymond’s “accidental” kicks are almost always to players critical to the success of the other team? 

Draymond Green Kicks and Elbows James Harden in the FACE 12/1/2016 (ENTIRE PLAY)

Draymond Green KICKS and ELBOWS James Harden gets a flagrant 1 12/1/2016

Draymond disses the Basketball Mecca Over Lack of Music

Sometimes being a goon for your squad has nothing to do with what’s happening on the court, but other aspects of the game that don’t have any bearing on whether the team wins or loses. 

The New York Knicks have been the moribund franchise of the NBA for nearly a decade. So much so that the once rocking confines of Madison Square Garden aren’t what they used to be. Last season some genius came up with the boneheaded idea of removing music from the entire in-game experience.  After a March 2017 win against the Knicks, the antagonistic Green dug into the Knicks organization like a pencil to the gut in a prison yard brawl.

VIDEO – Draymond Green Upset About No Music Being Played At The Half vs Knicks

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