Did Somebody Say Exhibition? Floyd Mayweather Knocks Out Opponent In The Second Round Extending The Money Train

Age is only a number when talking about Floyd Mayweather, who, at 45 years old, knocked out Japanese mixed martial artist and YouTuber Mikuru Asakura over the weekend. The event was billed as an exhibition and was presented by Mayweather Promotions and Japan’s RIZIN Fighting Federation. However, Mayweather still threw his hands effectively to send his opponent to the canvas, ending the fight early.

“I would like to thank the whole country of Japan,” Mayweather said afterward. “Unbelievable country, unbelievable people. An exciting, incredible turnout. Round of applause for this great competitor right here.”

Mayweather will reportedly make around $20 million for the bout, which was scheduled for three rounds. Not only did he toy with Asakura, but he also had his bodyguard Jizzy Mack fight on the card, and he was knocked out ingloriously in the third round of a boxing match by 135-pound kickboxer Kouzi. In short, Mayweather is having global fun, taking no risk, annihilating boxing amateurs, and making boatloads of cash.

The first round was uneventful; aside from Asakura, 30, landing some body shots, the real action came in the second round. Asakura connected successfully to Mayweather’s head from his southpaw stance until Mayweather dominated him for the finish. Mayweather landed powerful body shots setting up Asakura for a big right hand right before the sound of the bell in the second round ending the fight. Referee Kenny Bayless waved the fight off before either boxer got to his corner.

“I don’t remember what hit, I have a huge headache,” Asakura said post-fight.

However, some strange events happened during and after the fight. During the flower-gifting ceremony, a tradition before Japanese fights, the man who delivered a bouquet of flowers to Mayweather tossed them to the canvas instead of handing them to the American boxer. Mayweather kept his cool, picking them up and handing them to his corner. The insult was enough for the president of RIZIN to issue an apology.

Image Credit: Rizin FF

“We deeply apologize for letting such a vile individual step into the sacred ring,” RIZIN FF president Noboyuki Sakakibara wrote in an Instagram post. “We promise that we will make sure such actions will never be taken place ever again.”

Then Manny Pacquiao was in attendance to support Asian combat sports. Post-fight, Pacquiao revealed that Asakura traveled to the Philippines for advice on how to fight against Mayweather. He also laid the groundwork for potentially competing under the Rizin banner.

“I hope this is not my last invitation to watch a good fight, a good exhibition,” Pacquiao said.

Mayweather has been adamant about taking risk-averse fights, practically eliminating the possibility he’d face Pacquiao again or any opponent with an actual boxing IQ.

“I retired from the sport, I didn’t let the sport retire me,” Mayweather said post-fight. “I’m not going to take punishment to the point where I can barely walk and barely talk.”

Still, there are detractors to Mayweather’s latest “Money” path, namely Jake Paul.

“All right, ladies and gentlemen, picture this: It’s 2022, Floyd Mayweather is ruining his legacy fighting no-name guys, wasting his fans money, wasting his fans time,” Jake Paul said Sunday on social media.

“He doesn’t even know the names of the guys he’s fighting to make some money to pay his tax bills. Floyd Mayweather telling Jake Paul that you will only fight Jake Paul if he comes down to his weight, 140 pounds or something. I can’t believe what’s going on in the world. I can’t believe this is real.”

Mayweather couldn’t care less about Jake Paul or anyone else’s opinion on his new exhibition career. He is looking to face YouTuber Deji in another exhibition match sometime in November in Dubai.

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