Tiger Lost The British Open, But Got His Swagger Back In The Process

Tiger Woods is becoming a real chip tease. He did it again at the British Open. Got everybody amped up, but couldnt close the deal. No biggie. Just happy to see him back in the mix. Ever since the golf legend embarked on his 2018 comeback, Tiger has been improving, gaining confidence and regaining a championship swag that we all thought was long gone and suppressed by lost dominance on the greens and physical and psychological damage off of them.  

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TIGER IS TIED FOR THE LEAD https://t.co/3LGYZW3m20 https://t.co/dzO11AoGx8

Woods may never recapture the shutdown skills that led him to 14 majors by 2008. He hasnt captured a major championship in over a decade. But not too long ago, nobody believed hed even be in contention again

Tigers been on the cusp of breaking through and this weekend he seemed destined for a long-awaited return to golfs winners circle. At the British Open, Tiger briefly stood atop the leaderboard in a major tournament for the first time in seven years. 

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Tiger Woods’ 6th-place finish at The Open is his best placing in a major since 2013. #SCFacts

At one point, six golfers were all tied for first place, including Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Jordan Spieth. Francisco Molinari, playing with Woods, broke through as a major champion becoming the first Italian-born player to ever win a Major. 

With all due respect to the 35-year-old Italian who didnt bogie for the final 37 holes of the tournament, his boosted popularity is a direct result of the world watching Woods and wondering if the 42-year-old living legend could finally break through and complete a comeback that rivals the greatest redemption stories in sports history. 

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You can hear the TVs clicking on across the country.Tiger Woods tied for the British Open lead.

The fact that Woods blew a lead with eight holes to play, dropping three strokes in two holes doesnt really matter. The support Woods received from golf fans across the Twittersphere is an indication that Woods is officially back on the attack. His game might have slightly eroded, but hes still the ultimate brand in golf and one of the most captivating presences in American sports. 

Every time Tiger accomplishes something it builds us all up so high with anticipation that we havent experienced in a very long time. You didnt even have to watch the tourney on TV, because one glance at Twitter and youd see 50 people commenting on Tigers every move. It was a clear example of  “The Tiger Effect” and provides insight for those who question the immense coverage Woods gets at PGA events. Everybody responds to Tiger. When he’s actually playing competitive golf, there’s not a bigger show in the world of sports. When Tiger “is back”, golf is simply more fun to watch. 

These days, he’s more crafty than physically dominant. Like a legendary flamethrower who had to learn to mix in his off-speed pitches and beat batters on wit and pinpoint accuracy rather than cheddar.  As he works that out mentally, his recent performances are still blowing the minds of fans. 

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The fans’ support today, and all week, was amazing. Thanks for making my return to links golf something I’ll never forget.

The Masters was a perfect example of Tigers impact. His 32nd place finish in the Masters wasn’t ideal, but his presence alone worked wonders for golfs ratings. 

Just one day into the event, Awful Announcing reported that ESPN’s 2.2 overnight rating for the first round of The Masters was up 40 percent from 2017 and 16 percent from 2016. Thursday was the highest rated opening round since the last time Tiger competed in 2015 and the fourth highest opening round since 2008. 

For its first two days of Masters coverage, before Woods chances of winning were all but eliminated,  ESPN said it averaged 3.6 million viewers, up 46 percent from 2017 and its highest two-day average since 2013. 

His mere existence boosts the world of golf into another stratosphere, another level of cool and marketability.  

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At the beginning of the year, if they’d said you’re playing The Open Championship, I would have said I’d be very lucky to do that,” said Woods, who not only played but contended and finished tied for 6th. – TGR https://t.co/4XDAGegFLz

Tiger’s come a long way from when he was ranked 103rd in the world and we were ecstatic over a 12th-place finish in the Honda Classic. Woods is a major player again and every time he steps on the green, it might be the next time he wins a major. Chasing Jack Nicklaus’ 18 major titles isnt as far-fetched as it once was, thanks to the re-emergence of golfs legendary cash cow. 

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