‘This Man Obviously Has A Fetish In Getting Women Pregnant’ Xavien Howard Accused By IG Model Of Impregnating Four Models

Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard has more drama in his love life, as an Instagram model claims he has four women pregnant simultaneously. Calling herself Tai The Five Footer, the adult content creator took to Instagram to air out Howard, replete with screenshots of their text conversations and DMs along with correspondence with one of the mothers of his other children.

Image Credit: screenshot IG @tappedinwithtai

“iamxavienhoward Let’s clear the air, because this man obviously has a fetish in getting women pregnant,” she posted on her Tappedinwithtai IG page. And now I have his other baby mothers reaching out to me. I ended up getting pregnant after being with X a few times. He told me he wanted to have a baby with me and regardless of what he said I still took a plan B. It clearly failed because I was around ovulation.

“Whatever, I own up to my actions and I accept the fact I’m having a baby. He was mad at first and then we ended up meeting at his house during the first week of September. It was until he asked me how much should he give me monthly during my pregnancy and I responded, that he caught an attitude and ghosted me. I had an ultrasound and sent him the pics as you can see in the screenshot. And from there all this has unraveled.”

Troubling History With Women

Howard has faced issues with women with whom he was romantically involved. Back in August, it came out that he was served a lawsuit by a former lover claiming he secretly filmed them having sex and distributed it without her permission.

The woman, only known as “Jane Doe,” filed the lawsuit in May in Florida. Additionally, another unnamed woman sued him last year, claiming he gave her genital herpes.

The Tappedinwithtai IG account holder went on to say, “When his other baby mother reached out to me my best friend wrote her to stop writing me. And those are screenshots between my best friend and his other baby mother. He wants to pay me off to terminate my pregnancy and from the looks of the screenshot he sent me with his other baby mother he wants her to terminate too. He’s upset he can’t pay his way out of this one. Steer clear from this one ladies, there’s no regard for anyone he involves himself with.

“So if you’re pregnant by him please don’t feel the need to reach out to me. I don’t have a relationship with this man and now I really don’t care to. I’ve been in this industry for a while and I know how men of his stature operate, so it’s no surprise. Just a little shocking that it’s so many of us at once expecting by him. And if I continue to be harassed by him or anyone involved with him I will be taking legal action to protect myself and my unborn baby.”

Xavien Howard clearly has a lot going on in his personal life and the streets have a front-row seat.

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