Did Miami Dolphins’ Xavien Howard Secretly Film His Sexcapades And Share Without Consent? A Miami Lawsuit Says So

There is a thin line between love and hate, but one way to clarify the boundary is to expose someone’s intimate moments without their permission. That could be the case for Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard. Recently, he was served a lawsuit by a former lover who claims he secretly filmed their lovemaking session and distributed it to others without her permission.

The woman “Jane Doe” filed the lawsuit in Florida in May, but the details are now seeing the light. The two met back in 2016 over social media through direct messages. They didn’t start a relationship until 2022, when they began having sex. However, shortly after they connected in person, Jane Doe was contacted by another woman on Instagram, claiming to have been sent a hardcore sex video featuring her and Howard.

This was a surprise since, she never consented to be intimately on camera with Howard. But it gets worse, as the woman said Howard sent her the video “to make her mad because she didn’t want to have sex with him.” It was confirmed when Doe viewed the video and recognized herself.

Revenge Porn Player?

In September 2022, according to Jane Doe, she sent Howard a text letting him know she was aware of being filmed without her consent, and by October, she hit him with a cease-and-desist letter. However, the problems continued as another woman contacted her, saying she was sent intimate images of her by Howard for yet again rebuffing his advances for sex.

Per reports on the contents of the lawsuit, Jane Doe “was in one of the photos and it was both taken and disseminated without her knowledge or consent after [she] had sent the cease and desist letter.”

With the second unexpected revelation, Howard turned from unlikely to allegedly likely to dox his intimate partner. Now Jane Doe is on the offensive and wants compensation of over $50,000 for the invasion of privacy and injunctive relief that would stop Howard from distributing any other images of her.

Disturbing Patterns

It is not Howard’s first time in trouble with his former intimate partners. Last year, another unnamed woman sued him, claiming he gave her genital herpes. That case was dismissed earlier this year but ironically occurred during the same year that Jane Doe claimed her image was being unlawfully captured and distributed.

Howard vehemently denies the claim.

“Anyone can file a lawsuit,” Howard attorney Brian Sohn said in a statement to TMZ Sports. “That does not remotely mean that this lawsuit actually has merit. This will be fought against aggressively.”

Howard has grievances from women, as a woman was caught on tape beating up Howard’s Bentley with a baseball bat earlier this year. Eventually, she was arrested for the incident.

“This lawsuit is a dead loser. Period, full stop,” Sohn said to Andy Slater. “We will be seeking dismissal on legal several deficiencies on Monday but in terms of the substance of the case there is just no merit to it.”

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