Strange Bathroom Habits…TMI | Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill And Channing Crowder Compete For Masters Of The Urinal Title

Tyreek Hill often says some of the strangest things, and most of the time it’s things that are a tad bit on the outlandish side. The speedy Miami Dolphins wideout, who once helped lead the Kansas City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl win in 50 years, even called his current quarterback Tua Tagovailoa the most accurate passer in the NFL. 

But for Hill that’s nothing, as his MO has always been to stir the pot one way or another. On Friday Hill retweeted a video of Channing Crowder of the “The Pivot” podcast, where Crowder declared he has some very odd bathroom habits.

“I talk to a n***a in the bathroom. I do it all the time…”

But that wasn’t all Crowder said in the video, as the former Miami Dolphins linebacker also mentioned being able to do such means you’re an alpha male — a lion that’s comfortable within his own manhood. 

This is about as odd as Crowder saying he and his wife take a trip to a nudist colony once a year. And as it pertains to Hill, he was chomping at the bit to use the video with his own experience.

Hill Says He And Former Teammate Used To Do This All The Time

As Hill retweeted the video of Crowder, he also let it be known that he and former teammate Mecole Hardman use to do that very thing when both were sprinting by opponents weekly for the Kansas City Chiefs. Looks like Hill had no problem admitting to such a thing, and after all the different things Crowder spewed, why would he. But it’s still super awkward to be that open about bathroom habits or tendencies one may have in a public restroom with others. 

It’s actually something both Crowder and Hill probably should’ve kept to themselves.

Hill And Cowboys Star Micah Parsons Exchange Friendly Verbal Jabs Via Twitter

Earlier this week Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons posted that he was learning some things to help him “grow as a player” from former Los Angeles Rams tackle Andrew Whitworth. Hill attempted to clown Parsons, asking him was he a “motivational speaker” now.

After some subtle jabs at each other, Parsons hit the home run with this tweet: 

To which Hill responded: 

“You win bro.”

Hill left the Chiefs following the 2021-22 season via trade, and while he got his money and had a great season, the Chiefs went on to win the Super Bowl in his absence, proving that he needed them more than they needed him.

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