You Won’t Believe What Jets WR Mecole Hardman Said When Describing Differences Between Aaron Rodgers And Patrick Mahomes

New York Jets wide receiver and return specialist Mecole Hardman has been blessed to play with legendary quarterbacks in his brief NFL career.

The former Kansas City Chiefs player spent the first four seasons of his NFL career catching passes from reigning and two-time Super Bowl MVP and league MVP Patrick Mahomes, winning two Super Bowls as well. 

He’ll now be catching passes from another former Super Bowl MVP-winning QB and a four-time league MVP in Aaron Rodgers.

Difference Between Aaron Rodgers & Patrick Mahomes

And while Hardman did his best not compare the two greats, he did give his take on the one glaring difference between the two. 

Experience Is The Only Real Difference Between Aaron Rodgers & Patrick Mahomes

Following Saturday’s practice, one which saw the former Georgia speedster haul in a late practice touchdown from his new signal-caller, Hardman was asked by reporters about any glaring differences between the two QBs.

“They’re both Hall of Fame QBs,” Hardman said Saturday. “Aaron is just in Year 19 … so the maturity and experience, he’s a level above. He’s seen everything. You can’t trick him. He’s been in every situation.

“That’s just what separates them,” Hardman continued. “But as far as playmaking ability, they are similar. Pat is younger, so he’s more mobile on his feet. But there’s no way to compare them; they’re both great.”

The Jets hope Hardman brings some of that Super Bowl expectation that he learned in K.C. in going to three Super Bowls in his four years with the Chiefs. 

Hardman Says There Will Be No Drop-off With Rodgers

Leaving the best QB in the game means one should expect some drop-off with whatever signal-caller he plays with next. But Hardman isn’t of the belief that that’ll be the case with Rodgers, and he explained why. 

“Pat to Aaron, no drop-off,” Hardman said. “It’s kind of hard to go from Pat to a lot of people, but when you go to A-Rod, it’s like, OK, cool.”

Love Hardman, but there’s a difference between Rodgers and Mahomes, and he’ll see soon enough. 

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