“There’s No Talk Of Amputation” | Deion Sanders Sets Record Straight About His Foot

On Friday Colorado Buffaloes head coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders underwent emergency surgery for a blood clot in his groin. The chronic pain Sanders has been in pretty much since he had two toes amputated while he was head coach of Jackson State in 2021 stems from the blood clot.

Then Sanders’ health reached the serious state, and the two-time Super Bowl-winning cornerback faced the real possibility of losing his leg because of other blood clots. 

Last week, Sanders had to cancel his appearance at a mega camp hosted by Morehouse College, just days after he attended one at Prairie View A&M. Coach Prime, as he’s affectionately known, has cited his health for not being able to attend.

Two days later in a video that surfaced on social media, Sanders could be seen talking to his team of doctors about the pain in his foot, and the doctors gave him best- and worst-case scenarios. The worst being complete amputation of the foot.

While that made folks believe Sanders could actually lose his foot, Sanders, did his best to clear up any of that prior to Friday’s emergency surgery. 

Sanders Says Amputation Isn’t Happening 

After news of the procedure needing to be done Friday, Sanders released another video, and told everyone what was being done. 

“Got a hammer toe — two toes out of the three are hammer toes,” Sanders said. “And they want to straighten those out. But I’m not receiving enough blood flow in order to do that surgery and another surgery and another surgery to fix the dislocation of the foot as well. So this is what we are now.

“I went to the doctor’s the other day to have myself checked out and I have two clots — one in my leg, one in my right leg, one in my left leg, which is my thighs. So now I’m having a procedure tomorrow (Friday) to try to get these clots so I can have proper blood flow to the legs so that they can fix the toes.”

Sanders then let it be known that he was not in danger of losing his foot, and the doctor saying that in the video was just giving him the worst case scenario down the line if they aren’t able to alleviate the current problems and get them rectified. 

“There’s no talk of amputation. There’s no talk of any of that whatsoever,” Sanders said. “The doctor was just telling me worst come to worse this was going to happen. But I believe in staying right so we never have to take that left.” 

In taking a little weight off the seriousness of the situation, Sanders even cracked a joke. 

“They said they have the remedy that all my toes will grow back,” Sanders said with a slight laugh to follow. 

Sanders Wants To Get Back To Leading Team With Season So Close

For Sanders, getting healthy is the top priority, but the first-year Buffaloes coach also wants to get back to preparing his team for their season opener against national runner-up TCU. Not much is expected of the Buffaloes coming off a 1-11 season in 2022 and 5-19 the last two seasons combined. 

But don’t tell Sanders that, because he expects to see drastic change after pretty much gutting the roster and bringing in 48 transfers, including 2022 five-star recruit and No. 1 overall recruit Travis Hunter and 2021 four-star recruit quarterback Shedeur Sanders, who’s also his youngest son. 

Buckle up, because, win or lose, the CU Buffs are gonna be a story followed around the country all season.

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