Don’t Say ‘My Bad’ | Deion Sanders Wants To Control The Way His Players Use Certain Lingo, But For A Good Reason

Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders is preparing his Colorado Buffaloes for the 2023 college football season, the former Jackson State head coach’s first season running a Power Five football team and his first in the Pac-12.

Thus far Sanders has been his usual outspoken and candid self. Since he arrived in Boulder, the 1994 NFL DPOY and two-time Super Bowl champion has overseen a complete roster overhaul.

Deion Sanders Cleaned House

Gone are nearly 50 players from the Buffaloes’ 1-11 team of 2022, and in their place are the “Louis Vuitton” luggage Coach Prime announced he was bringing in to replace them. 

As the Buffaloes are in preparation mode for the upcoming season, working out the kinks to their offense, defense and special teams, Sanders, who’s a stickler about the way his players talk, wants them to rid of this one saying.

It’s one that drives the former Florida State All-American’s gears.

My Bad Doesn’t Fly With Prime

During a video posted by “Well Off Media,” Sanders spoke about the words “my bad,” and why he doesn’t like to hear it being used. 

“Let me tell you what I hate, OK, this is universal. What does this mean right here?” he asks rhetorically in the camera. “My bad.”

“I don’t believe in violence, but I’m gonna whip my bad. One day I’m gonna meet the dudes that started my bad, and I’m gonna whip him. I can’t stand that — my bad. I know it’s your bad.”

“Coaches hate that. Parents hate that. Don’t say it’s my bad, because we know it’s your bad.”

Sanders says he doesn’t even want a response but to do this:

“Shut up, and just do it over. Ain’t no my bad. Just shut up and do better.”

Sanders Seeking A Culture Change

With the culture change that Coach Prime is implementing at Colorado, it’s all about self-accountability, and while saying “my bad” is a common way of taking accountability, it isn’t something Sanders wants to hear.

It’s probably safe to say those two words won’t be heard too often in or around the beautiful, scenic Folsom Field where the Buffaloes play their home games amidst the Rocky Mountain skyline. 

Sanders Dealing With Serious Foot Issues Amidst Building Program

In the midst of preparing his new team for fall camp and an opening game matchup with national runner-up TCU on the road, Sanders is dealing with some serious foot issues.

The problematic issues stem from his 2021 near death experience where he had two toes amputated.

The pain has reportedly gotten so bad at times that Sanders skipped last week’s mega camp at Morehouse. There’s also reports of possible amputation of the foot if they can’t get the blood circulation rectified. 

Sanders was at the Prairie View A&M camp the previous week, showing he’s still willing to help the HBCU world despite leaving for greener pastures and a much bigger bag. But upon doctor’s orders, he was forced to bow out of the Morehouse camp. He did address the situation in a tweet, but he didn’t say “my bad.”

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