Coach Prime Makes Good On Louis Vuitton Luggage Promise Of New Talent, Clapping Back At Critics Of Player Mass Exodus With Vow “I Keep Receipts”

Amidst the mass exodus within the Colorado Buffaloes program, first-year head coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders is all smiles. The former two-time Super Bowl-winning defensive back, who’s arguably the greatest to play the position, is sticking to his guns. As he stated in his first meeting with his new team, there were gonna be some big changes.

That’s exactly what has happened, with 51 entering the transfer portal since his arrival in December, which includes 26 since last Saturday’s spring game which saw record attendance (over 47,000 fans) at scenic Folsom Field in Boulder, Colorado. 

Sanders also isn’t in the business of coddling student-athletes or their parents, who have called out the head coach all week. Never one to back down, and he isn’t about to do it now. 

“We Coming, sit back and watch this thang unfold before your eyes,” Sanders said on social media. “To all you TRUE BUFFS FANS, we love ya and appreciate u. To the rest, stay tuned and keep talking. We see you and We Still Coming. I keep receipts.”

For a Buffaloes program that had over 80 scholarship players on the roster as of 2020, that number was a minuscule 13 as of Wednesday night. But when you’ve gone 5-19 the last two seasons, including 1-11 last season, you can expect wholesale changes. 

Sanders Gloats About What He’s Bringing In To Boulder 

In his very first meeting with the team Sanders told his players that he was bringing in his own luggage and it was “Louis Vuitton.” He also told them they may wanna hit the transfer portal. Well, they seem to have taken heed and done it in record numbers. 

On Wednesday, Sanders stopped by “The Pat McAfee Show” to tell him a little bit about what he’s got heading to the Rockies to play for him. 

“When we release the list of guys that we already got coming in, then everybody is going to say OK, now I see what he’s doing.”

“It’s no way that I can put new furniture in this beautiful home if we don’t clean out the old furniture,” Sanders told Pat McAfee. “And that’s not a shot. It’s great furniture and a lot of people love, and a lot of people are gonna love it.”

Sanders Walks To His Own Beat

Upon becoming a college head coach at Jackson State, Coach Prime says he watched Alabama’s Nick Saban and Georgia’s Kirby Smart in how they moved in running their programs. That means ridding your team of players who don’t fit and setting a culture that’s in line with your vision. 

He did it at Jackson State, not to this degree, but players left pretty swiftly once he arrived. 

But that’s for another day. 

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