“I Know The Risks, We’ve Had This Conversation Before” | Deion Sanders Is At Risk Of Losing Entire Foot Again, Behind-The-Scenes Video Suggests

Pro Football Hall of Famer and first-year Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders is at risk of losing his entire foot.

That’s the same foot that Sanders had two toes removed from during the fall of 2021 while the head coach at Jackson State. Sanders’ health hasn’t really been a topic since he recovered from that near death experience nearly two years ago. 

Sanders Sidelined Due To Bad Foot

On Monday, Sanders, the two-time Super Bowl champion and one-time DPOY announced that he wouldn’t be able to attend the mega camp at Morehouse. Sanders recently attended one at Prairie View A&M but had to pull out of this one with some pretty serious health implications. 

“Due to unforeseen circumstances that’s real, I unfortunately will not be attending the Morehouse camp on tomorrow,” Sanders said via his Instagram while aboard what appeared to be an airplane. “I’m sorry. I apologize but I gotta take care of the body. Gotta take care of the body.”

On Wednesday, a video released by Thee Pregame Show showed out exactly what Sanders meant by that statement concerning his body. 

Sanders Meets With Doctors Concerning Foot

During a meeting with his team of doctors on Wednesday, it was mentioned that some of the arteries to the foot which were operated on in Mississippi aren’t receiving ample blood flow, which has caused Sanders to struggle walking, and be in chronic pain. 

In the meeting Sanders can he heard saying this ….

“I know the risks. We’ve had this conversation before. That’s how we got here.”

At the same time Sanders wanted to know what could be done so he doesn’t have to miss time with his new team during the season. 

“I just want to know what we can do, so we can do it this summer. Because when we get rolling, I’m not going to have time to do it.”

Sounds like Sanders is trying to expedite the process so he doesn’t have to miss any of the Buffaloes’ games this season. The team opens up at defending national runner-up TCU, before hosting Nebraska in a classic Big 8 battle from back in the day. 

Sanders Is Optimistic For 2023 Season

Always the optimist, Sanders recently interviewed with former Colorado Buffaloes quarterback and current Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt. In the interview, Klatt who’s just hoping to see an improvement from last year’s abysmal 1-11 season, asked Sanders about if a 4-5 win season would be viewed as major improvement? 

Sanders’ response was just about what you’d expect from him. 

“I don’t think like that. I don’t want a sip. I want it all. And I want it now. And I feel like we’re assembling the type of young men and the staff to have it all.”

Sounds like a confident answer, but what’s more important at the moment is for Sanders to get healthy so he’s able to be there with his team all season. 

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