“The Organization Took These Allegations Extremely Seriously” | Dallas Cowboys Paid Millions To Cheerleaders After Voyeurism Allegations

The toxicity within the NFL and some of its teams is getting deeper.

According to reports, the Dallas Cowboys paid a confidential settlement of $2.4 million after four cheerleading squad members accused a senior team executive of voyeurism in their locker room.

According to documents obtained by ESPN, the alleged incident occurred as the cheerleaders undressed during a 2015 event at AT&T Stadium.

The Payoff

According to reports, the accusing party of women received $399,523.27 each after the incident. In fact, one of the cheerleaders said she saw Cowboys’ longtime senior vice president for public relations and communications Richard Dalrymple standing behind a partial wall in the cheerleader locker room with his iPhone extended toward them.

The cheerleaders were changing their clothes, and Dalrymple gained entry to the back door of the cheerleaders’ locked dressing room by using a security key card.

According to reports, a team source said that Dalrymple told team officials he entered the cheerleaders’ locker room not knowing the women were there and left right away.

Disturbingly, Dalrymple has also been accused by Cowboys fan and Louisiana schoolteacher Randy Horton of taking “upskirt” photos of Charlotte Jones Anderson, a team senior vice president and the daughter of team owner Jerry Jones. According to reports, that alleged incident took place in the Cowboys’ war room during the 2015 NFL draft.

More Allegations

The fan signed an affidavit that he was watching a live stream of the draft day war room on the team’s website when he said he saw the alleged incident involving Jones Anderson.

Dalrymple issued a statement on Monday night, labeling the allegations as false.

“People who know me, co-workers, the media and colleagues, know who I am and what I’m about,” said Dalrymple via statement. “I understand the very serious nature of these claims and do not take them lightly.

“The accusations are, however, false. One was accidental and the other simply did not happen. Everything that was alleged was thoroughly investigated years ago, and I cooperated fully.”

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The Cowboys Speak

A Cowboys representative also made a statement.

“The organization took these allegations extremely seriously and moved immediately to thoroughly investigate this matter,” said Jim Wilkinson to the media. Wilkinson is a communications consultant for the team.

“The investigation was handled consistent with best legal and HR practices and the investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing. If any wrongdoing had been found, Rich would have been terminated immediately. Everyone involved felt just terrible about this unfortunate incident.”

ESPN reports its source says the Cowboys organization issued Dalrymple a formal written warning in October 2015.

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Punishment, Or Lack Thereof

However, for almost six years after the settlement, Dalrymple continued working for the organization in the same role.

On Feb. 2, Dalrymple retired; however, the team did not mention his retirement. After 32 years, his retirement elicited radio silence from his close confidant and team owner Jerry Jones.

However, in his statement, Dalrymple said the allegations “had nothing to do with my retirement from a long and fulfilling career, and I was only contacted about this story after I had retired.”

According to reports, the May 2016 settlement includes a nondisclosure agreement where the four women, three of their spouses, and Cowboys officials agreed to never speak publicly about their allegations.

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