The Next Generation | Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s 2-Year-Old Grandson Already Shadowboxes Like A Champ

A video of Floyd Mayweather Jr.‘s 2-year-old grandson shadowboxing in the ring has gone viral. Kentrall Gaulden Jr, whose mother is Iyanna Mayweather, has been learning at the feet of his legendary grandpa, and it shows.

In one of the videos “KJ” is seen shadowboxing, and for a 2-year old it’s very impressive. He’s got good footwork, insofar as any 2-year-old can have good footwork. He also seems to have learned a couple different punches. A jab and an uppercut.

Let’s Not Crown KJ A Champ Yet

In another video KJ is in the ring wearing oversized gloves while his grandpa is working out. He’s absorbing it all like a sponge and runs to each corner and throws a couple punches.

The natural instinct is for everyone to freak out and predict greatness for the 2-year-old. Calm down.

If KJ wants to become a professional fighter, as long as his grandpa and great-grandpa are around and have interest, he will be given every opportunity to develop into one. There is no better place to learn.

But he’s 2.

At that age, interests change by the second. Maybe he loves boxing today. Who knows what he’ll think about it next month, let alone 10-12 years from now.

While boxing is in young KJ’s blood, so is rapping. His father, Kentrall Gaulden, goes by the name N.B.A. Youngboy.

Although Iyanna and her dad might not want KJ to rap and follow in his father’s footsteps. The Mayweather’s and Youngboy have a contentious relationship. The rapper and boxer’s daughter have been on and off again for a while, and Floyd and Youngboy don’t see eye to eye.

Following Floyd’s exhibition bout with John Gotti III (yes, the grandson of the late infamous Gambino crime family boss John Gotti), Nicolette Gotti (Gotti III’s sister) unleashed a racially charged social media attack on Iyanna and Youngboy.

What’s Up With Youngboy?

But Youngboy seemed to urge Nicolette to do her worst to Iyanna.

“I hope you do that b***h the worse way, two or three years from now. I don’t give a f**k. It ain’t my business I hate that h*e. And when it come to her daddy, that ni**a don’t need to be in my mentions, I don’t f**k with him. Your brother lost the fight, every dog have their day man, that’s how it go,” he said.

But Youngboy felt some kind of way about being referred to as an “animal” by Nicolette.

“I idolize your daddy. Man, next time you ever disrespect me, y’all ‘gone have to bomb me. Have a blessed day, beautiful,” Youngboy added.

This is all messy and gross. But this is what happens when you engage in spectacles like this for money. Any and everything goes, and it’s not clear where the line between “entertainment” and real life animosity blur.

Either way this feud is likely to continue, which of course sets up the possibility for a rematch and another payday for the parties involved. Only in America.

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