The Life And Legacy Of Roberto Duran Is Explored In “I Am Duran”

The new doc chronicles one of boxing’s most beloved and controversial athletes.

Roberto Duran is one of the most iconic figures in boxing.

He was the lightweight juggernaut of the 1980’s whose life of poverty was turned around through his gifts as a pugilist.

Now Universal Pictures has produced the upcoming documentary, I AM DURÁN, which chronicles the life of the Panamanian boxing legend and how his rise in fame paralleled the political struggles of his country.

I Am Duran | Official Trailer

The story of four-time World Champion Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán. A one man wrecking-ball who took on the world. #IamDuran #RobertoDuran #Boxing Trailblazer: A person who is the first to do something; an innovator. From athletes to artists, this channel focuses on those who achieved the pinnacle, and what it took to get them there.

The film features interviews with Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, former Panama President Manuel Noriega, boxing icons Mike Tyson and Oscar de La Hoya, as well as Durán’s ultimate rival, Sugar Ray Leonard.

The film also dives into how promoters Don King and Bob Arum shaped the promoter driven boxing landscape as heated rivals who fought each other while also forcing each other to up their games.

The Shadow League on Twitter

Roberto Durán’s impact transcended boxing and politics. And when you talk boxing and politics, you have to start with Don King vs. Bob Arum. Check out this exclusive clip from the upcoming doc “I AM DURÁN” that highlights the intense rivalry between King and Arum #IAMDURAN

The rise, fall, and phoenix like reemergence of Durán is comparable to the history of his native Panama. The country was a pawn in violent regional and international politics. Under the regime of Manuel Noriega, Panama needed a hero and Duran was there to assume the mantle.

Per the release:

“Roberto Durán’s impact transcended boxing and politics. Born a fighter, his success inside the ring transformed him into an icon. However, it was his flaws and failures outside the ring that made him a hero. I AM DURAN explores the impact of a fighter still influencing boxing to this day.”

“I am Durán” will be available by digital download starting on Tuesday, June 4th.

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