Don King Wants People To Forget That He Preyed On Black Bodies For Years

Struggling to maintain relevance, Hall of Fame boxing promoter Don King is still seeking absolution for the years he spent robbing his own fighters.

Don King still seeks your attention. 

The self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Promoter” will soon be holding his annual Christmas Turkey Giveaway.

The giveaway covers 12 cities in nine different states from New York to Los Angeles. King will donate $100,000 worth of turkeys nationwide and issued a press release to alert us of his continued altruism.

“We are here to help those in need,” said King.  “We have been doing this for 60 years and it has always been about the people of this great country.  God Bless America and Happy Holidays.”


Known for The Rumble In the Jungle and Thrilla in Manila, King is undoubtedly a legend as a boxing promoter.

However, he is also the unofficial reason why many boxers now create their own promotional companies. After financially finessing fighters like Muhammad Ali and most famously “Iron” Mike Tyson, King has been mired in relative obscurity lately.

Since his fighter Bermane Stiverne became a poster child for Deontay Wilder’s KO power, King’s gimmicks have deflated.

As one of Donald Trump’s early supporters, he was adamant about the need for melanated people to support 45. It exposed his true Uncle Ruckus core value system, where the need to appease his financial icon came at the cost of his dignity.

King has preyed on black bodies for years, and not until Al Haymon took over the boxing promotion game have we seen a reversal of that paradigm.

With this attempt to absolve past sins, King is trying to hold on to a foregone era. One where the 87 year old still mattered. 


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