The Internet Speculates About Whom Kim Kardashian Will Date Next | Running Back Chris Evans’ Odds Are Up So He Responds

When the news broke that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson broke up, more than just her ex-husband Kanye West rejoiced. The internet and its trolls du jour began debating who was next in the hunt for a Kardashian, and the trolls generated an actual poll with odds.

What in the troll statistician?

The odds list rivaled any Las Vegas sportsbook’s, with many names that have been directly attached to Kim or are a fantastical version of her future. From Van Jones, who is +800, to UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya coming in at +2500, +300 more than her ex Yeezy. Even Donald Trump ranked high on the list at +20000 after their history of freeing convicted non-violent drug offenders during his presidency.

However, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Evans made the list at +1400. He must have heard the chatter, and when he saw the poll decided to retweet it and send a message about his thoughts on the notion with two Emojis: one with a side-eye and the other with a thinking emoji.

Evans better watch his back with the contemplating emoji. Kanye West wants his wife back and trolled Pete Davidson to no end, even burying a claymation version of him in a music video. Don’t get ethered or have your Yeezy orders canceled, Chris.

Coming off a Cinderella season that reversed five straight losing seasons and the league’s worst record in 2019, the 2021 Bengals shocked the world by going 10-7 in the regular season. The team then won the AFC North and AFC Championship before suffering a nail-biting last-minute loss in Super Bowl LVI. The Bengals had not won a playoff game since 1990, which was the longest active drought in the four major North American sports.

Evans is still on a slight high as the NFL preseason begins having been in the 2022 Super Bowl and a stone’s throw from tasting the enviable glory that comes with it. He was recently deemed one of the five candidates “who could stun” the NFL this season by

Drafted out of Michigan by the Bengals in the sixth round of the 2021 Draft as the 202nd pick, Evans logged in 77 rushing yards with a 4.5 rushing average. He averaged 10.1 yards per catch on 15 receptions, 151 receiving yards, two receiving touchdowns, and 58 return yards. Many are expecting Evans to burst out in his second year in the league.

Evans’ talents were slightly overshadowed by the media hype surrounding fellow Bengals rookie wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, who won Offensive Rookie of the Year honors for his record-breaking 1,455 rookie receiving yards.

Now Bengals fans don’t want Evans to be too eager and get with Kim, as that also comes with an unwanted prize: the Kardashian curse. Just ask Lamar Odom, Devin Booker, and even Reggie Bush, who dated Kim herself. All have had promising careers that careened into The Twilight Zone while in a relationship with one of the Kardashian-Jenner femme fatales.

While Chris Evans is hopeful that the positives from last season will translate into a return to the big game, Bengals nation is also optimistic that the odds will rule against a potential Kim K hookup.

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