“I’m Gonna Say It, I Expect To Win” | One Confident Member Of Cincinnati Bengals WR Trio Predicts Joe Burrow Will Lead Them To A Super Bowl 

The Cincinnati Bengals came up just a few yards short in their bid to win the Super Bowl. The fact that they made the Super Bowl was improbable, to say the least. A team many picked to win between six to seven games at best won their division and hosted a playoff gam. Huge elevation. 

The Bengals weren’t done, they also went on the road and beat the AFC’s top two seeds (Tennessee and Kansas City) to make the Super Bowl. None of that would’ve been possible without quarterback Joe Burrow, the 2020 No.1 overall pick, and his talented trio of pass catchers in Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd.

The talented trio was just featured on “The Pivot Podcast” NFL Training Camp Tour. During the interview they were asked about Burrow, who’s part star quarterback and part homebody. And how his performance on the gridiron has earned him the nickname “Joe Cool.”

Chase played with Burrow in college and knew what type of leader he was getting before being arriving, as the two helped lead the LSU Tigers to the 2019 CFP national championship. But for Boyd and Higgins that wasn’t the case. In the interview, both expounded on how Burrow impressed them from the jump.



“He’s that cool, relaxed dude,” said Higgins. “He don’t really come out of the house, so you got to go to him if you wanna kick it with him. But sometimes, he be like y’all wanna go to dinner? Me and Joe, we cool.”

Boyd then chimed in. 

“When he came, I knew we had someone who could lead the team right away. Not to take anything away from Andy Dalton, but I wanted to connect on a level of how he sees a defense structure and how he wants to maneuver around in certain landmarks and certain positions. Once we got that down pat, I could read his mind, knowing where he wanted me to be at the right time.”

Chase piggybacked those same sentiments, pretty much saying as long as they continue to build on last season’s success they’ll be fine.

“We expect to win every game we play,” Chase said. “That’s the standard. I hold them accountable, just like they hold me accountable. Even though he’s the oldest [Boyd], we both get on each other, so it’s just holding everybody accountable and pushing each other the right way. Everybody wants to win.”



Trio Talks About Toughest Cornerbacks To Go Against

Co-host and former NFL player Ryan Clark did his best to get the trio to say how they expected to finish this season. While Boyd and Chase refrained from answering, Higgins the former Clemson Tigers star, spoke up and let it be known it’s Super Bowl or bust this time around.



“I’m gonna say it, I expect to win this sh*t”

Following, Higgins’ proclamation, the dynamic trio then went onto name their Mount Rushmore of defensive backs they’ve faced. The list included Jalen Ramsey (Rams), Denzel Ward (Browns), Marlon Humphrey (Ravens), Jaire Alexander (Packers) and Darius “Big Play” Slay of the (Eagles).

The Bengals have high expectations in an even tougher AFC conference. The team is confident that it upgraded a porous offensive line and added some quality depth to the D. But everything starts with Burrow, and sky is the limit after last year’s success. Burrow’s wide receivers certainly think a Super Bowl ring is a real possibility, especially Higgins. 

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