Stop Treating NFL Defenders Like Redheaded Step-Children

Ask the Jets what it’s like to have their star player on defense out for the season. Well now, the Texans can empathize.

The NFL has gone far out of its way to protect quarterbacks and receivers from defenseless and late hits. But, what about defenders? These guys are susceptible to injury too, ya know. Brian Cushing will tell you first hand. Not only was his injury the result of a cheap shot, there wasn’t even a flag thrown.

How is it that the NFL has rules in effect that protects offensive players, but not defensive? After all, they are playing the same game, right? Clay Matthews had some words on this matter. Clay, tell us how you really feel.

…Your man has a point.  

Let’s take a little of the favoritism from the offense, show some more compassion to defenses, and smooth out the gridiron.  

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