Dak Prescott Should Leave Dallas Cowboys After This Season | He’s Disrespected and Held To A Higher Standard Than Any Quarterback In The NFL

The Dallas Cowboys are at another moment in history when Jerry Jones and Dak Prescott will play tug-of-war for the bag. 

Dak Prescott is headed into the final season of the four-year, $160 million contract he signed in 2021 and is coming off a season where he was second in the MVP voting and a second-team All-NFL player. 

Dak Prescott should leave Dallas Cowboys. He's most disrespected quarterback in NFL.
Quarterback Dak Prescott should leave Dallas Cowboys after this season. He’s most disrespected quarterback in NFL. (Photo: Getty Images)

But he’s only got two playoff wins to show for it, which is why Jones was reluctant to give Dak the contract he gave him in 2021. Jones was expecting a Super Bowl to be delivered in that time frame and, frankly, Dak hasn’t come close. 

It was rumored that Jones was looking to draft Jalen Hurts as insurance back in 2020, with a contract for Prescott unresolved and the draft approaching. This is a similar situation and although most people believe that Dak has Jerry and the Cowboys backed against a wall, Dallas won’t just hand him $300M without exploring all options in this draft class. 

Ok Then, Make Another Dak

Prescott clearly feels that despite his playoff failures, Dallas isn’t going to find a QB who is as productive as he is in the regular season — and the playoffs are always a toss up. To get to a Super Bowl in the first place, requires a franchise quarterback who can win 11 or 12 games and position you to be a contender. 

Dak told reporters that talks on a new contract have not begun yet, and he is taking it in stride, saying “I’m not going to say I fear being here or not” 

There’s this saying in life that you should always go where you’re wanted. In the case of Dak Prescott and Dallas, no matter what he accomplishes, there are is a legion of fans who don’t want him there anymore and when it’s time for him to get paid, management always drags its feet as a reminder that even if they pay him, it’s because they have to and not because they feel he’s earned it. 

Dak Should Tell Dallas Cowboys, “Peace Out”

If that’s the case, then maybe Dak needs to tell the Cowboys to kiss him where the sun don’t shine and move on. The cat-and-mouse game has got to go. There are rumors that Dak isn’t happy that Dallas hasn’t commenced contract talks, but Prescott says he will be fine either way.  

“I don’t fear either situation, to be candid with you. I love this game. I love to play and better myself as a player and my teammates around me,” Prescott told reporters. “Right now, it’s with the Dallas Cowboys, it’s where I want to be, that’s where I am and that’s my focus. After this season, we’ll see where we are at and if the future holds that … if not we’ll go from there.” 

On Monday’s “First Take” segment, Stephen A. Smith said that Dak’s apathy concerning his situation implies that Dallas should start looking to draft his replacement. 

“Their attitude should be about making sure they find a replacement for Prescott, who’s been a starter for eight years,” Smith said.

Guest host Dan Orlovsky disagreed, reasoning that drafting a quarterback would be like waving a white flag on the era and giving up. 

Nothing wrong with conducting business, but it always seems like when it comes to the Cowboys, the business supersedes actual winning. Prescott is a masterful contract negotiator and really good at manipulating the media, as is Jones. Neither has been great in the big moment, on the big stage, when it’s time to cash in the chips and make the right choice or the right read. 

They deserve each other in that both seem to love the drama and not feel bad when they fail to deliver on their promises. 

Prescott needs to just leave after this season, because if he fails to win a championship again Jones is going to hold it over his head in contract negotiations. Foot to fire, Dak probably doesn’t want to go to any other team because you won’t find many QB jobs as prestigious as leading America’s team. This is where Jones always has the leverage. He feels like anybody he puts in a Cowboys uniform behind center becomes an overnight star. It’s the brand. 

Prescott loves the attention he gets from being Cowboys quarterback, but at a certain point you have to go where you are appreciated and where the pressure to win isn’t always at 100. 

After this season, Prescott might want to really consider telling Cowboys to kick rocks and daring them to find another quarterback who can do better than he has.

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