Eminem, Barry Sanders and Megatron Couldn’t Stop NFL Commissioner From Getting Booed On Draft Night

Roger Goodell is probably the most hated commissioner in all the major North American sports. We were once again reminded of that on 2024 NFL draft night.

Major League Baseball fans have their issues with Robert Manfred, but his $17.5M per year salary is at least tolerable because he doesn’t make more than 99 percent of the league. 

Adam Silver oversees the most player-empowered league so nobody really hates him or blames him for anything going on because the perception is that LeBron James and other NBA superstars have considerable control.

Roger Goodell Makes $40 million to $50 million Per Year

According to reports, the annual value of Goodell’s bag surpasses $40 million. Goodell also reportedly made $63.9 million annually in the 2019 and 2020 seasons, which far exceeds the players. 

The product is as popular as ever because people are addicted to football. The 17-game season and playoffs is the perfect length and just the right dose to keep people interested and locked in.

However, Goodell has overseen a firestorm of racial and player vs. owner confrontations in the last decade, including the Colin Kaepernick fiasco, player protests and political division based on financial and cultural disparities within the league. 

NFL Fans Love To Boo Roger Goodell On Draft Night

No matter what Roger Goodell does, he usually gets booed at the NFL draft. Fans want him to know they love the product, but hate the way he manages the league, sides with the owners and takes home a bag that seems excessive to most. 

Could Eminem Save Roger Goodell From Fan Boos?

On Thursday night, one of the most famous people in Detroit history, Eminem, joined Goodell at the podium, and not even the multi-platinum iconic rapper could help gather Goodell cheers. 

Em appeared with other Lions legends alongside Goodell for the NFL draft opening video.

Eminem: “You know you’re still getting booed right”

Goodell: “I’m not afraid.”

Em was right, despite coming out with Goodell, the NFL commissoner still got resoundingly booed by the Detroit crowd.

Fans Went Wild For Eminem

The commish tried to manage the boos by bringing host city Detroit’s living legends and Lions greats Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, and Aidan Hutchinson onto the stage.

Eminem took the stage alongside Roger Goodell before the beginning of the NFL draft

Goodell’s presence is always a mood killer as the guy who runs the league but never seems to get it right when it comes to fan appreciation. His major talent is making money for the billionaire owners, not managing or connecting with people.

Booing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell At Draft Is Ritual

It’s become a draft night ritual to boo Goodell, who walked onstage alone to Eminem’s hit song “Not Afraid” and received his usual chorus of boos from the crowd

However, jeers quickly turned to jeers as the 51-year-old rapper appeared seconds later and sent the crowd into a frenzy.  

Eminem pounded on his chest as he said, ‘Make some noise for the Detroit Lions, let’s go!’ 

The pair was subsequently joined by Lions legends Megatron and Sanders onstage.

The rapper wore a Lions hoodie and pumped up the crowd of Lions fans before the first pick

Current Lions stars Jared Goff, Amon-Ra St. Brown and Aidan Hutchinson also shared the stage as Brown started encouraging the crowd to chant Goff’s name.

It should have been an historic and viral moment in Detroit sports history if Goodell didn’t incite the fans to rage. 

A fan base that is living a dream these days and have high hopes for 2025.

Goodell was booed when he stepped onto the stage, but the jeers turned to cheers for Eminem

The Lions franchise, previously one of the losingest, finished with their best record since 1991 last season as they went 12-5 and won the NFC North for the first time.

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