Security Footage Released Shows Tyreek Hill Slapping Marina Employee | Will This Affect Roger Goodell’s Decision to Hand Down the Dolphins Star a Lengthy Suspension?

Security video footage was released on Wednesday evening showing the physical altercation between Miami Dolphins wide receiver, Tyreek Hill and a Marina employee during Father’s Day weekend. The new footage could shed some light and impact the NFL’s decision on whether the Miami Dolphins star receiver will face any discipline from the league.

New video emerges as Tyreek Hill is seen slapping marina employee before being held back by family members. (Photo: @Dolphin_Nation/Twitter screenshot)

The Slap

Hill was accused of slapping the marina employee but on Wednesday, the Florida State Attorney’s Office said that Hill won’t face any criminal charges regarding the incident. However, Hill is not completely clear because he could face discipline from the NFL as they are still investigating the situation. The new video footage released from security cameras could help the league make a decision sooner than later.

Hill appeared to be exchanging words with the marina employee as he is walking from the dock toward him. He is being held by a male family member but extends his hand to slap the employee on the side of the head.

The video then shows Hill coming back to walk toward the marina employee but being held by several men and women who appear to be accompanying Hill.

Over It

The 29-year-old spoke with reporters at his second Dolphins training camp on Wednesday.

“I just can’t make boneheaded mistakes like that,” he told reporters Wednesday.

Then he was asked to address specific details regarding the video. Of course, the receiver didn’t get into the specific details of what happened and shrugged off the question.

“As far as the story, I’m not here to get into that,” Hill said. “I’m here to play ball. I understand your question totally, but the issue has been resolved, and I’m currently cooperating with the NFL, giving them all the details on what happened on that day.”

Hopefully, the NFL shows Hill some grace and doesn’t suspend him for any games and just slaps him with a fine so he could make good on his 2,000 yard season promise. The hit was not very hard and the speedster seems to be apologetic. This should all factor into the NFL’s decision.

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