“I Will Break 2,000 Yards Next Year, Bro” | Tyreek Hill Makes Bold Promises on Podcast That His Injury-Prone Quarterback Might Not Be Able To Keep

Tyreek Hill is always very confident in his abilities to make plays, but he might’ve written a check that he can’t cash. He predicted on the latest episode of his “It Needed to Be Said’ podcast, which aired on July 15, that he is going to have a 2,000-yard receiving season next year. It has never been achieved before in the NFL. Calvin Johnson was the closest to breaking that mark in 2012 when he racked up 1,964 yards, which broke Jerry Rice’s record of 1,848 yards set on 1995.

Tyreek Hill makes bold statement. (Photo: @Dolphin_Nation / Twitter screenshot)

Since 2012, the closest only one player has come close to potentially breaking the record. Cooper Kupp racked up 1,947 yards in 2021 but he did it in 17 games compared to Johnson setting the record in just 16 games.

The Dolphins speedster certainly has the playmaking ability to do it, but he’s not considering other things outside of his ability that will play a role in the potential record-setting season.

Talking Bold

Hill had his best statistical season in 2022 with 1,710 yards and caught 119 passes. Both were second behind Minnesota’s Justin Jefferson.

“I will break 2,000 yards next year bro,” Hill said on his podcast. “All I’m gonna say is, 2,000 yards was on my bucket list to get bro, before I leave this league. And y’all think the Cheetah gonna leave without doing something he promised himself he gonna do as a kid?”

He doubled down with another bold statement that guaranteed a Super Bowl on top of the 2,000 yard receiving season.

Hill continues, “I got y’all baby; 2,000 yards and another Super Bowl, we getting that. Believe that.”

The Injury Prone QB

Hill’s bold claims are achievable but he forgot about the person who will be throwing him the football. Tua Tagovailoa had his best NFL season last year but it was overshadowed with injuries.

He suffered three concussions last season that caused him to miss four regular season games and the Dolphins playoff game. The injury-riddled quarterback admitted that he even contemplated retirement.

Hill only registered one game of 100 yards or more receiving yards in the four games that Tagovailoa missed last season.

In order for Hill to achieve his goal, he will need a healthy Tagovailoa behind center and he will need his offensive lineman to protect him.

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