Richard Sherman Joining FS1’s “Undisputed” With Skip Bayless | Sides Have Seemingly Mended Fences After 10-Year Feud

FS1s debate show “Undisputed” has been searching for a replacement since the ever-popular Shannon Sharpe departed the airwaves in mid-June.

Since that fateful day the show has been on hiatus as they looked to find a viable replacement for Sharpe to go toe to toe with Skip Bayless

According to reports by Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, the show, which is slated to return on Aug. 28 in anticipation of the 2023 NFL season, has found their man. Marchand stated that none other than former Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman will sit across from Bayless. 

Shocking to say the least.

Sherman Solid Choice To Replace Sharpe

In Marchand’s statement he gave a detailed report as to how things are gonna go with Sherman joining the show: 

Richard Sherman is joining FS1 to spar with Skip Bayless on “Undisputed” in the wake of Shannon Sharpe’s departure from the program, The Post has learned. 

Sherman will go at it with Bayless around 50-100 shows per year, mostly during football season. 

He will remain on Amazon Prime Video’s “Thursday Night Football” studio show.

Sherman is considered one of the rising talents in sports media game, and his strong opinions and unapologetic approach will definitely challenge Bayless. 

Sherman And Bayless Have Checkered Past

According to reports Sherman and Bayless met over dinner in Beverly Hills recently to hash out any differences. Those stem from 2013, when Sherman appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” with Bayless and Stephen A. Smith. During that segment Sherman berated Bayless for not addressing him as an “All-Pro and Stanford graduate.”

He then proceeded to tell Bayless he was better than him at life, amongst other things. 

It seems that little spat has been cleaned up, and now the two will work together often during the football season. 

Another little tidbit is rapper Lil Wayne will join them on Fridays.

Get your popcorn ready. 

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