No Wonder She’s A 40-Year-Old Virgin | Celebrity Athlete Lolo Jones Calls Out Her Misguided Male Stalkers On Social Media

Lolo Jones is a successful and wildly popular former Olympic athlete, and she’s an extremely beautiful woman. According to CelebrityNetworth, she is worth $1.5 Million dollars, and while she is 40 years old now, she keeps herself in excellent condition. 

And she’s single and isn’t afraid to let people know about it on her various social media networks. She has over 570,000 followers on Instagram.

She’s definitely in the top 1 percent of dating choices for most men in the world, and rightfully so. But with all that being said, there is no justification for stalking and harassing her. Victims of stalking and harassment should be taken seriously, because we have seen the unhealthy obsession lead to some tragic outcomes. 

Lolo Jones Has Stalkers

That’s exactly what the two-time World Indoor Championship 60-meter hurdles gold medalist is trying to avoid.  

 “Three times now where guys have crossed the line, jeopardized my and my friends (sic) safety, and altered my life.” Lolo Jones said last week on Instagram.

Jones took to Instagram to reveal three terrifying incidents of being stalked by men. These all happened in 2022, and male stalkers were attempting to get to her by any means necessary, including criminal ones.

“One guy broke into the Olympic training center and stayed overnight in hopes to find me,” she wrote. “Another guy has continued to harass my friends in attempts to reach me.”

The last guy apparently stalked Jones to her house, and she saw him on her front door ring camera. He tried to lie to authorities and tell them that he knew her via Instagram and that she invited him to come and live with her. 

Jones recently doubled down on the fact that she wants to steer clear of those types of guys. 

“I’m DONE. If there was any confusion here is me being very f—— clear: I’m not interested. EVER. This is not the way to go,” Jones.

Lolo Jones Is A 40-Year-Old Virgin Who Stays Thirst-Trapping On Social Media

Lolo Jones is the same athlete that revealed she’s saving her virginity for marriage. All the while she is probably one of the most captivating models on social media. She’s 40 years old now and claimed plenty of times that her being a virgin has scared men away tenfold.

Back in 2021, after posting some admitted “thirst trap” photos for her 39th birthday, Jones admitted to being in a “mid-life” crisis. Make no mistake, just because Jones hasn’t had the best of luck with men, that doesn’t mean she’s desperate. She most certainly isn’t interested in creepy men who stalk her. 

“twitteroverload. Yes, I’m a virgin. #1 reason why I’m single bc guys deuce out when I won’t put out. I do so to honor God & future husband,” Jones tweeted out in 2012.

Jones actually revealed a deeper look into her dating life recently, and how her virginity has affected it as well. She went on Kevin Hart’s show “Cold As Balls” in January 2020 and discussed her virginity with him.

“That killed all my dates after that. Like, I didn’t even have a chance,” she said. “Before, at least I had a chance,” Jones said.

Jones has been through a lot, and men harassing and expressing sexual desires in an unhealthy way unfortunately highlights the misogynistic side of sports and women. How men sexualize her, pursue her and often dismiss her when they realize she doesn’t have sex.

Jones just wants to find her peace and start up a family, but these men are going about it the wrong way, which only seems to make things worse for her.