Lolo Jones Catches More Shade

Lolo Jones has had a tough time being accepted as a professional bobsledder. There have been plenty of non-Jamaican track and field athletes who have transitioned to bobsledding, but whether it’s her personality, what many believe is undeserved celebrity or a lack of tact, Jones has been criticized more than any bobsledder in recent memory. Actually, it’s difficult to recall a bobsledder ever being criticized because they’re usually outside the limelight.

She was ripped for complaining about her bobsledding paycheck last June,

And yet, if she medalled all would be forgiven. Unfortunately, Jones nearly crashed during an 11th place finish as the brakeman on the USA 3-sled then watched the only two other U.S. two-person sled teams earn bronze and silver.

It will only add fire to the criticism that she received on Tuesday from former U.S. Olympian Chuck Berkeley.

After his tweet went mainstream, Berkeley granted an interview request for the Associated Press in which he lambasted the U.S.’ corrupt selection process and questioned why Jones was selected for the team over more experienced bobsledders like Katie Eberling. Berkeley was probably right, but Eberling isn’t the only athlete to get snubbed before the games for a more popular one.

After U.S. figure skater Mirai Nagasu finsihed third at the recent US Championships, but was not chosen for the three-woman figure skating team sent to Sochi.

On the plus side, at least we’re not talking about Jones’ virginity anymore. Lord knows we can’t say the same about many in the Olympic village. In a related note, she still hasn’t medalled in a Summer or Winter Olympic event yet either.

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