‘Nice To Meet You Too AB’ | Latin Hip Hop Star Pitbull Responds To Antonio Brown Mistaking A TikTok Impersonator For The Music Star

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has been in the news an awful lot during his playing career. But never as often as he’s been following his meltdown in Week 17 of the 2021 NFL season.

Since that time, Brown has been showing up all over the place now that he’s fully entrenched with rap and fashion mogul, Kanye West, so the tabloid cameras are always on waiting for him to slip.

On a recent trip to Miami, Brown mistakenly believed he was meeting Latin hip-hop star Armando Christian Perez aka Pitbull. But it happened to be a TikToker posing as the talented Pitbull.

 A doppelgänger. Yes, AB was catfished. 

Brown really fell for the okey-doke, and when Pitbull got word of what happened, he joine din on the fun and tweeted, “Nice to meet you to AB.”

A never embarrassed Brown retweeted back “305 Legend.” 

Brown Has Had Controversy Follow Him Throughout His Career

Although that moment was hilarious as the TikToker looks nothing like Pitbull, Brown hasn’t been one to ever shy away from controversy. Throughout his illustrious playing career, Brown has had his share of forgettable moments.

The aforementioned undressing and leaving the field in Week 17 of the NFL season was in many ways that proverbial icing-on-the-cake. While he’s often been compared to prolific wide receivers Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson for his brilliance mixed with diva tendencies, his laundry list of antics top either of those guys on any day of the week.

In 2018, Brown once tossed furniture from a 14th floor apartment, the items nearly hit a grandad and his grandchild as they walked. He faced lawsuits from the man and his landlord. That same year, Brown, also refused to pay a chef after he’d ran up a lavish $40,000 bill with after hosting a party in Orlando during Pro Bowl week in 2018.

After forcing his way out of Pittsburgh following the 2018 season, Brown was traded to the Raiders. There he called then GM Mike Mayock a racist and refused to wear a league mandated helmet. Instead of complying, he felt the Raiders brass never stood up for him. He was cut without ever playing a game for the franchise.

Brown joined the Buccaneers in 2020 thanks to Tom Brady vouching for him after the team said they had no intentions of signing him. He helped them win a Super Bowl. In 2021, his incentive-laden contract required him to meet certain marks to reach his bonuses.

After being injured for a few weeks, Brown returned needing to reach those marks with just two weeks left in the season. Feeling as if he wouldn’t hit them because the team was freezing him out, he undressed on the sideline and walked out of the stadium.

He claims he was hurt; the team says he never mentioned an injury. He badmouthed the Buccaneers, and even Brady at first, but has since cleaned that up and said Brady is a friend for life.

“Listen I love Tom. That’s my guy. Don’t get it twisted,” Brown told TMZ. “A lot of words were taken out of substance. Tom is one of my true friends in the midst of adversity that was there for me, so don’t get it twisted about nothing with Tom Brady.”

Brown Now President Of DONDA

The former All-Pro wide receiver was recently made President of DONDA sports which is rap and fashion mogul Kanye West’ sports organization, whose mission is to support student-athletes during and beyond their playing careers.

Brown has become a bigger celebrity off the field than he was on it. Now that he’s in the music game, however, AB has to study his celebrity playbook and be able to accurately identify other legends of the game. 

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