Kim Kardashian And Tom Brady Romance Rumors Have Kanye In His Bag, But Are They True?

Kanye West’s ego is legendary, and so is his belief that he is one of the GOATs in show business. However, although his romantic life has moved on, he reportedly takes it personally when news of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian dating a former football GOAT arises.

The tabloids went wild after Fanatics founder Michael Rubin’s “white party” in the Hamptons over Fourth of July weekend drew in the higher echelons of pop culture. The party drew celebs of the likes of Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

When social media caught wind of Kim Kardashian at the party casually having a good time with Tom Brady, the speculation of romance began.

When Speculation Ignites

Reports of the two spending time on the beach together and then dancing later that evening, along with Kardashian reportedly doing shots, had many believing that the single Mr. Brady might have found a new love interest.

One of those speculative onlookers was Mr. West, who reportedly did not feel that notion. Per “Entertainment Tonight,” a source revealed that since the rumors have swirled about the potential new relationship, Kanye “has been jealous over the reports about Kim and Tom.”

However, there is a silver lining for Ye’s GOAT competitiveness, as Kardashian and Brady reportedly are not dating.

“There isn’t anything romantic going on between them,” the source continued to “Entertainment Tonight” about Brady and Kardashian. “Both of their priorities are their families. Kim has just been having fun and enjoying her summer.”

Calm Down Kanye

Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin even weighed in on the rumors from his annual white party event about Brady.

“Honestly, they’re just friends. It’s just the crazy rumors that get out there,” Rubin said to “ET.” “Tom was with me a ton of the night, and we were having fun, and Tom just doesn’t go out that much. It’s a rare sighting. And Kim doesn’t drink much.

“So I think Kim’s 10 or 12 shots she had, [and] Tom, you know, being fun, it just leads to rumors. We always want to laugh about it.”

Kanye and Kim Kardashian finalized their divorce in November 2022, and since then, she has had a relationship with Pete Davidson, which also stoked the ire of Kanye. He can rest well on this one, as there is nothing to see here since the white party.

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