“Bring Him To DONDA SPORTS”| Kanye West Wants NFL Social Justice Warrior Brian Flores On The Dream Team 

Former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has some newfound support by way of music and fashion mogul Kanye West. Flores is currently suing the NFL, Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos and New York Giants and unidentified individuals for what he calls discriminatory and racist hiring practices.

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Flores’ suit specifies how minority coaches, specifically Black coaches are severely underrepresented. There are just two Black coaches (and Mike McDaniel) holding down the 32 NFL head coach jobs. Flores has accused teams of giving sham interviews to Black coaches to satisfy the stipulations dictated in the Rooney Rule, knowing they already have a coach selected.

Flores wasn’t hired by any of the teams during the hiring cycle, which isn’t surprising as he opened a class-action suit against the league for racial discrimination in hiring practices. Unsurprisingly, some players and media members have distanced themselves from Flores, but the former coach received some support this week from an unlikely source. 

Is Kanye West becoming the crusading savior for high profile Black men who feel persecuted by the system? It’s certainly not a bad look, but it reeks of one of Kanye’s “projects” like his evangelism with Joel Osteen, or his on-again, off-again support of former President Donald Trump.

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However, with Antonio Brown already in the fold as Donda president, adding Flores to the team in some capacity definitely gives Kanye’s Sports Academy some legitimacy. Brown is a future Hall of Fame wide receiver and Flores is one of the rising coaching stars in the NFL. Both men came from humble beginnings to reach the apex of their professions. They both speak the language of today and are fearless human beings in many ways, risking the bag to “fight the establishment,” which is never easy. 

 On Instagram, “Ye” as he’s affectionately known, sent Flores a message …. in all CAPS!


Flores was fired in Miami even after posting consecutive winning seasons. He was then mistakenly sent a congratulatory text from Bill Belichick for getting the Giants job without having interviewed yet. The text was meant for Brian Daboll, who eventually was hired. Flores also accused the Denver Broncos of similar tactics in 2019, a sham interview before they then hired Vic Fangio. Flores also alleges the Dolphins offered him $100K for every loss to help them tank for better draft position in 2019.

Kanye West is no stranger to controversy, as he once donned a MAGA hat in support of former President Donald Trump. He even met with Trump on numerous occasions while he was in office. So, adding someone like Flores would just add to his eclectic blend of friends he’s acquired and disposed of over the years.

Seeing West come to the defense of Flores is not a surprise. He likes to go against the grain, as evinced by his hiring AB as president. West must feel he can help Flores keep his name in the sports/coaching realm while this plays out. The hope with Flores’ lawsuit is there is some sort of systemic change. But don’t hold your breath on that, it hasn’t changed all these years, so don’t expect it to now.

 The Future of Donda Sports 

Donda Sports has its hands in a lot of pots. They have a powerhouse prep basketball team that’s playing a national schedule. Rumors are Kanye West has expressed a desire to become part of media tycoon Byron Allen’s bid to buy the Denver Broncos. It doesn’t stop, as the brand is set to release sneakers and apparel in the coming months.

Adding someone with the résumé and experience of Brian Flores could be a brilliant move. Adding a nationally-recogized football program could be Yeezy’s next move. Football is usually the easiest way to increase revenue at most schools, and that is something Donda Sports has probably already looked into. It’s imperative for its long-term success.

 Kanye Can Pay Like The NFL 

Deep pockets help too, as Kanye reportedly has a net worth of more than $6 billion. Donda Sports also has sentimental value for Kanye as it was named after his late mother and is the creative brand that he founded.

 Kanye, AB and Flores could be coming to a city near you in the not-so-distant future.

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